7 Reasons Attendance Management System Is HR's Best Buddy

Attendance Management System
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According to a recent report, a majority of businesses are already riding high on automated and cloud-based software solutions. Whereas an overtly increasing number of businesses are in the process of shifting their payroll operations to cloud-based business process solutions.


So what is that is forcing businesses to shun manual leave and attendance management systems? Here are seven reasons why more and more companies are opting for automated leave management software and time tracking solutions.


  • Saves cost

The attendance management system saves both money and time by eliminating erroneous time tracking, buddy punching, overpayment, and absenteeism tracking processes. A business can save up to thousands per employee if they have automated leave management software and time tracking system in place.  


  • Improved accuracy

Automated time and attendance management software ensure log inaccurate time records providing error-free timesheets. Thus, it curbs the costly and inevitable errors that pop-up when managing data manually. The result is a redundant free and accurate paycheck.


  • Saves time

For HR personnel, it is certainly time-consuming to manually manage process time cards and timesheets, calculate overtime, create schedules, and process payroll. The automated attendance management system frees up the precious admin time, which is often spent in tracking employee work hours, attendance, etc.


  • Ensures compliance with company policies and regulations

It can consume years to detect costly attendance or tax blunder. Note that erroneous time/attendance records can cost the company dearly over the long run. Further, non-compliance to employment or tax regulations can attract huge penalties and a bad repute to an organization. This is where an automated employee management and leave management software can save the day for a company by automating key HR, company, and tax processes. No more missing on tax returns deadlines.


  • Managing flexible work-hours no more a hassle

In today’s cutthroat business ecosystem, there is a good chance for your company to have people working in various geographies, remote locations, from home, etc. Time and attendance management systems allow companies to track work hours of employees reporting in different geographies easily. Employees, on the other hand, get the liberty to report in and out using their smartphones on the go. Most importantly, all the data is available on a centralized and unified hub making it easier for the HR department to access the same as and when required from any location. 


  • Hassle-free shift and schedule management

Bid farewell to those manual and cumbersome schedules. Yes, with just a few clicks, HR personnel can create and manage schedules and assign tasks or projects whilst keeping a tab of all the work shifts. Time management software allows us to efficiently forecast budgets, available human capital, and workloads by the department.


  • Detailed HR MIS reports on the go

Want to have a quick look at all unplanned and planned absences or leave patterns, be it by group or department? You can very much do that with just a few clicks, since an automated leave management software allows its users to generate insightful and detailed yet intuitive HR MIS reports on absences, leaves, etc. besides pay details, job details, etc.



So if your HR department is still stuck with manual salary/tax calculations navigating through tons of spreadsheets or multiple systems at the end of every month, then it’s time to break-up with your traditional employee management system or technique and make way for automated payroll and attendance management system. This would also pave the way for a more intelligent, faster, and advanced human capital management solution, which not only saves time but also a decent amount of money. 

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