7 Questions to Ask Removalists Before You Hire Them

Questions to Ask Removalists Before You Hire Them
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During your move to a new place, be it to a new home or a new office, you cannot just hand over your valuable stuff to some random removalist about whom you know absolutely nothing. Hiring removalists who are knowledgeable and trustable are essential to keep your things safe during the relocation.

To know more about removalists, you should be able to ask all the relevant questions to gauge their experience and professionalism. To start with, you can go on the internet, do some research and choose the best removals company that you see fit. Soon after that, you can start asking questions about their relocation services and the removalists to know if they are qualified enough to handle your stuff safely.

1. How Much Experience Does Each Removalist Have?
Instead of asking for the experience of the removal services, it is best to ask the expertise of the removalists. Some removalists may have less experience but the removalists with them will be one of the most experienced ones and vice versa. Hence it is best to ask the removal company about the experience of the individual removalists. The better experienced they are, the safer they will be able to handle your things.

2. Are The Removalists Your Own or Are They Contractors?
Some removal services do not have many removalists on their own but instead, make use of contractors from time to time. Permanent removalists will give their best to prove exceptional services since they care about the reputation of the company while contractors may not care to that extent to protect the name of the relocation company.

3. What Is Included and Not Included in the Quote?
It is important to be aware of any costs that aren’t a part of the initial quote provided. Only some removalists will be upfront about the total cost of the relocation and will also furnish any additional costs you may incur at the time of the price quotes. Some companies advertising as budget removalists may initially provide you with a low quote to start with and may soon begin escalating it at the slight chance they get. Do not fall prey to such removal services and instead, get to know what the quote covers and if there are any additional charges apart from the quote. This will help you to be wary of those unscrupulous removal companies.

4. Does Relocation Insurance Cover My Relocation?
Some removalists provide relocation insurance along with the removal services while most of them do not. Many have tie-ups with a relocation insurance provider who will coordinate with you and arrange the relocation insurance.

5.  What Happens if My Things Break at the Hands of Your Removalists?
This is an essential question that many fail to ask. During the relocation, there can be some instances when the removalists from even the best removals company could damage your things. It is vital to know how such issues will be handled. Some removalists have a clause in the agreement that states that the breakage of things isn’t the company’s responsibility. Ensure to read everything thoroughly before signing and ask some questions openly. If they seem to say that damages will not be compensated, then this is a sure sign to back off.

6. How Will You Keep My Things Safe During Transit?
Apart from the loading and unloading time, your things may get damaged during the movement of the boxes in the middle of the transportation. It is important to ask how your things will be kept protected throughout. Generally, removalists will use a combination of bubble wraps, sturdy packing boxes and blankets to keep the things safe even in chaotic situations.

7. Is There Anything That You Expect from Me?
Though the success of the relocation depends majorly on the removalists, you are also not free from this responsibility. To help the removalists to relocate your stuff properly, you should be in a position to furnish all the required information to the relocation services to ensure that they are adequately prepared. It would be best if you gave a proper estimate of the things that have to be moved and also give them information about the difficulty in the path of the loading and unloading like narrow hallways, steep staircases and small elevators.

Now you’re equipped with all the right questions to determine your moving company, you can start further preparation for your move.

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