7 Pans That Every Baker Should Have

Baker Pans

Everyone who loves baking fully understands how pans are an essential tool in the kitchen. The type of pan you choose largely determines the texture and appearance of your end product thus making it very important for you to choose high-quality pans which should also be durable. This article will seek to discuss 7 must-have pans for every baker who seeks to have a great experience in the kitchen.

1.Half-sheet pans

Half-sheet pans are common for bakers and these normally come as medium weight, 12 by 16 inches aluminum pans. Although some might be heavier, it isn’t in any way necessary to invest for super-heavy pans. These pans are sturdy and durable and the good news is that they are also inexpensive. They are ideal for baking cookies, thin cake sheets, and jellyrolls. They are also used for toasting croutons or nuts and roasting chicken pieces and vegetables. They are multipurpose pans and a great addition to any kitchen.

2.Lasagna pans

Generally, lasagna pans derive their names from the pasta dish known as lasagna which incorporates wide and flat frilly-edged noodles cooked together with vegetable or meat tomato-based pasta pap, mozzarella cheese and spices. The best lasagna pans are basically any oven bake-ware thus covering stainless steel, tin, stoneware, ceramic, roasting or roaster pan.

3.Brownie and layer cake pans

These cake pans are normally round-shaped and in 8 and 9 inches, 2-inch deep. On the other hand, brownie pans are squared and come in 8 and 9 inches suitable for bars and brownies. Having these two sizes ready and available will help you cook different available recipes comfortably without increasing or decreasing the amount. When buying brownie and layer cake pans, always avoid dark finishes as these will give you undercooked cake centers and overcooked sides. Non-stick is also not the best solution and you shouldn’t be swayed by them either.

4.Cookie Sheets

Rimless cookie sheets are ideal as they allow you to slide them under the delicate cake layers with an allowance to move or lift them with ease. There are different types of cook sheets including non-sticks, insulated, dark-colored ones and special surface cookie sheets.

5.Springform pans

Springform pans are ideal especially if you’re the kind that loves making cheesecakes regularly. These pans differ from other regular cake pans in that they have a removable bottom which makes it easy to remove cakes when they’re fully cooked. You can also use these pans to make icebox cakes which are fancy and yummy.

6.Bundt Pans

For Bundt-type cake lovers, these pans will be amazing especially if you love their decorative contours. These pans allow you to divide your cakes into two halves thus making it possible for those who are Bundt-less to divide the ingredients and bake all at once. You can also use plain tube pan to bake full recipes instead of using the Bundt pan. When looking for the best Bundt pans, one that is heavyweight and with dark-finish as these are ideal for baking nice brown crusts.

7.Muffin pans

These pans are ideal for cupcake or muffin lovers. When choosing your muffin pan, picking something that is great quality will be necessary as this will guarantee the quality of your baking while at the same time offering longevity. An aluminum pan will be great and if possible, avoid the dark non-stick options since they might deny you the perfect dome because they cook too fast.

While it is true that baking is an art, it must be appreciated that the quality of your pan plays an important role in determining whether you’ll enjoy quality results. always choose your pan wisely whether going for the best lasagna pan or a Bundt pan.

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