7 Interesting Castle Stag Party Games

Stag Party

When all stags get together, they freak out to the fullest. But no dose of fun can be full without gaming. If you want to have blast at stag night out, call your best buddies to be together. What an atmosphere it would be when bachelor and his pals will sit, sip and have fun together!

Curious mind ceaselessly hunts for the thrilling bachelor party ideas. Unlike few hen parties, stags want to play something really manly. Stag party games invite adrenaline in no time. After that night, stags feel as if stress free. But conditions are applied here! Modesty is to be kicked out and you have to be ready for any dare. Are you ready then? I have few games as suggestions for you:

1. Make a pose:  Get 20 to 30 pieces of toys, as of dog or soldiers or duck in various poses. Put all them in a bag so that no one can catch their glance. Now, bachelor stag needs to be the host. He has to nominate one out of all at one time. Pick out any toy at random. Thereafter, the host will command ‘Position’. Immediately, the nominated one has to pose the similar posture as the toys is posing. This interesting castle stag party game would tickle your funny bones seeing one standing as a ‘statue’.  

2. Chit-chat in a particular accent: The host has to hold the mike for this. He must jot down some famous comic characters or person, such as Uncle Scrooge (of Duck tales) or a girl, in slips. Now, call one of his friends to come out and pick a slip to mimic. Set the timer and feel the pain in tummy due to his mimicry. 

3. Race with the time: The host can also be a part of this game provided that the timer is to ring aloud. What all you need is a watch. Fix one minute timer. Let all run but one by one. This is so to keep watch on the time one has taken. As early birds catch the moss, each stag has to come as quicker as if he running with one minute. The earlier you come, the more you get the score. If you will be late, pay off the penalty. You can ask to spit any secret of his life as penalty.  

4. Call all with no name: Do you think ‘how simple it is’ to call all by no name? Try this and find it is no less than cracking a hard nut. Imagine! You are to chit-chat with the one who is standing at the doorstep. Now what? Wait! You will not go there and pull his sleeves. How funny that scene would be! You will resemble an ape. If anyone will break the rule, invite him for penalty.

5. Call the name and feel the pain: Set up few categories, as of Australian cricket team, singer and so on. Call one by one to recite the at least 12 to 15 names representing the called category. If anyone fails, let his back be waxed. OUCH! This is the true manly game.

6. Ice-bucket challenge: This is a game for winter. Only nuts can jump in the bath tub that has ice cubes and chilled water in bone-chilling winter. Let your adrenaline rush and feel the chills. Set the timer for at least 2 minutes. Gift a bottle of Champaign or rum to the winner. 

7. Flip the coin: All stand in a circle. Everyone must flip the coin and say ‘HEAD/TAIL’. For instance, if he cites, “heads” and the same the coin shows. You will pass it to the next one. But if it shows ‘tails’, he has to take a shot of drink in one breath. It will pass on and on.    


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