7 Indoor Activities for Toddlers

Indoor Activities for Toddler

When the days are getting shorter and shorter, the rain is coming more regularly and the cold is coming out, or when the sun is beating outside and you stay cool in the house, find out what indoor activities to offer your child. At two years old, it's not easy to keep busy while staying at home! Here is a small selection of ideas which I hope will be useful for you!

Even if your child cannot run outside and “let off steam” as he is used to, why not offer him motor games inside? We often tend to offer calm games, activities on the table but we often forget the motor need that children have at this age. Believe me, there are many possible proposals to meet his motor need even if you are inside!

Besides, thinking about it, even if it is raining, it is quite possible to offer outdoor playtime. Often, we tend not to go out “for fear that it will catch a cold”, that it will “get dirty” or something else. But after all, yes, it is possible! Experiences are important for children! Why not think of game time in the rain? There are many preschool toddler activities you can arrange:

1. Skill activity!

Nothing's easier. You just need to install your laundry basket in the middle of the room. Put a mark on the ground for your child. This marker will tell him where he can "get" from. Give him balls or small soft weights. He will just have to try to throw the balls into the basin! Believe me, this activity can keep a child in great concentration for a while! If your child is a little older and he asks you for rules, do not hesitate to spice up the game. You can play “one against the other” or move the limit of the shooting zone further to make the game more difficult.

2. The mess.

If nobody is sleeping and your child can make noise, you can offer him this activity. Install large cups on top of each other in the shape of a pyramid. In the same way as the previous time, install your child at a sufficient distance from which he can pull. Your child only has to shoot with a foam ball in the pyramid. Like the previous activity, this game requires concentration both for the creation of the pyramid and for the success of the launch! A nice indoor activity to offer in cold weather.

3. Yoga!

Yes! Even children can do it! Just adapt to your proposal. The positions are to be assimilated to animals for example. Many books offer suitable methods. It's up to you to vary the pleasures.

4. Indoor activity: dance!

Play music on the post. Take out some scarves. Have fun! An activity so simple but so often praised by children! Why deprive yourself of it?

5. The little nails!

Take an empty box. Install small peaks strong enough but not dangerous for your child. These peaks must represent nails. Besides, the nails sold in children's DIY cases can do the trick (these are very suitable)! Give your child a small hammer adapted to his morphology and his age (imitation games). He just has to hit the nails to drive them into the box. Installed on the ground, your child could take great pleasure in working his skill and strength! This activity is just as much for girls as for boys.

6. The little holes!

I'm sure you have an empty jar (preferably food and plastic) that you could find for this activity! It suffices to pierce the cover with a few holes. Give your child a little woolen tassel. All he has to do is try to get them into the holes.

7. Pouches of paint.

Offered to babies, they allow many experiments! These plastic pouches filled with paint are just as attractive to older children! Only, instead of offering them directly on the floor as clean paint, install the pockets on a windowpane accessible to your child. With the light reflected there, all he has to do is test different mixes! And the little extra: involve him in the preparation of the color pockets.

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