7 Foot Pain Causes You Should Never Ignore

7 Foot Pain Causes You Should Never Ignore

About 20% of people worldwide experiences foot pain. Your everyday routines may become more difficult and even depressing if your feet hurt. But how can you tell if you have a significant issue when you experience foot pain? What causes of foot pain should you be aware of?

Here are some possible causes of foot pain that you might experience.

1. Plantar fasciitis
One very prevalent foot problem is plantar fasciitis. A ligament that spans the entire length of your foot is called a plantar facia. It becomes painful to walk due to the constriction or inflammation of this ligament, which ultimately results in changes in your gait and worsening of your symptoms.

People frequently have heel pain in the mornings or when wearing ill-fitting footwear. When all other pain relief measures have failed, including changing shoes, stretching, and soaking, you should see a doctor.

2. Flatfeet
People without a proper arch in their feet are known as having flat feet. People sometimes have flat feet from birth or acquire them later on in life, and both of these scenarios can be excruciatingly uncomfortable.

Wearing appropriate orthopedic shoes is one of the easiest strategies to handle flatfeet. Consult your doctor about the best orthopedic shoes if you have flat feet and are experiencing discomfort or difficulty walking.

3. Arthritis
The disorder known as arthritis causes inflammation of the joints. Arthritis can attack anyone no matter the age, even those who develop it later in life. Your toes, heels, and other areas of your feet may begin to feel tight or stiff if you develop this condition.

If you believe you may be having arthritis in your feet, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible. Arthritis can become crippling. They can provide you with prescriptions for medicines or other treatments to help you manage your symptoms.

4. Shoes
Contrary to popular belief, not all foot discomfort is caused by an issue with the feet. Occasionally, all it takes is a new pair of shoes. Or good insoles for plantar fasciitis or other foot problems to alleviate some pains.

The right footwear can significantly reduce foot discomfort as well as pain throughout your body. Your entire body benefits from having your feet in the right position. Consult your doctor right away to find out what insoles or treatments they might suggest if you suspect that the issue is being caused by your footwear.

5. Osteoarthritis
Osteoarthritis is characterized by the degeneration of cartilage within a joint. This condition typically results from engaging in too much strenuous physical activity. In addition to excruciating pain, osteoarthritis can also significantly reduce your mobility. Physical exercise can also make osteoarthritis worse.

The majority of osteoarthritis patients require lifestyle modifications, physical therapy, and mobility aids. If the discomfort is extremely severe and disrupts life, surgery may also be considered.

6. Heel spurs
Heel spurs are calcium deposits that cause the underside of your heel bone to develop a bony protrusion.  They are frequently brought on by repetitive heel bone membrane tears, stretched plantar fascia, and strained muscles and ligaments. Athletes who participate in a lot of running and jumping sports are more prevalent to develop heel spurs.

7. Bunions
Your big toe may end up overlapping the neighboring ones due to bunions, which are bumps on your large toes. Overly tight footwear that you're wearing may be a factor.

You can limp because of the pain from these bunions, which is common. However, if the discomfort is unbearable, you should consult a doctor about options including physical therapy, shoe modifications, and possibly surgery.

The bottom line 
When not diagnosed correctly, achy feet can make life miserable. It's crucial to understand the source of your foot soreness if you want to reduce it or get rid of it. Don’t put off visiting a foot doctor and avoid attempting to treat your symptoms on your own to avoid unwanted complications and further damage to your feet. 

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