7 Diseases That Can Influence Men More than Women

7 Diseases That Can Influence Men More than Women

This is a shout out to all the men out there who undergo the medical examination once in a decade. In a research, it has been found that around 40 % of men reported that they have not undergone medical checkups in the last 12 months. The so-called superior gender “Males” are usually considered stronger and sturdier than women. However, in many scientific types of research, it has been found that due to the risk-taking behaviors men are evolved with the weaker immune systems. Thus, it is important for every man to give a break to them and apart from building a good looking body to pay some attention to their medical health also. Here we have listed out some of the common condition that is known to affect men more than women.

  1. Heart Attack- While talking about heart attacks one image that comes to our mind is a man with the hand on his chest. Most of us would imagine men instead of women because we all have experienced men are more likely to be affected by this than women. A heart attack is a condition in which the blood flow to the heart is stopped due to which it does not get the oxygen it requires to survive. Some of the risk factors for this condition include smoking, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and obesity. Thus, the men shall keep in mind to watch out for these symptoms.
  2. Kidney Stones- Stones are solid pebble-like pieces that are formed in your kidneys when the urine of the person has a high level of certain minerals.  When they create a blockage in your urine passage they can prove to be painful as hell. According to the study conducted it has been found that men are more likely to develop stones than women. In order to prevent the formation of stones, every person shall ensure to stay hydrated to flush out those minerals form your urine.
  3. Skin cancer Melanoma- Here is something interesting for you. Melanoma is a most severe kind of skin cancer that is more commonly found in women. So why is it on this list? More women are at a risk till the age of 50 but after the men cross the age of 65 they risk is twice more than the risk of women.  This is because men are less considerate about protecting their skin and also their skin reacts more intensely to the harmful UV rays of sun than women.
  4. An inguinal Hernia- It is a condition that develops when the tissue, like fat or any part of your intestine, exerts a push on the abdominal wall and results in painful bulge near the groin. In the studies conducted it has been found that 25% are likely to develop this condition as compared to just 2% of women. This is because in women there is broad ligament of the uterus acting like a barrier behind the ab muscles reducing the chances of development of this type of cancer.
  5. Liver cancer- Excessive alcohol consumption, use of certain drugs, obesity can your liver at a risk of developing cancer. All these habits are usually associated with men thus putting them at a higher risk of developing this condition than women.
  6. Oral cavity cancer- cancer forming in the part of the throat just behind the mouth is known as oral cavity cancer. This cancer is more likely to develop in men when compared to women as men are more like likely to use tobacco and alcohol than women. One of the major symptoms of this cancer is the soar that is not healing for a considerable amount of time. Thus, if you consume alcohol and tobacco and have mouth sour for a long time make sure to get yourself screened for cancer.
  7. Gout- It is a kind of arthritis due to which there is a stiffness, swelling, and pain in the joints. Overloaded Uric acid is the main contribution of Gout Attacks. Uric acid is a waste product created in the breakdown of food and tissues. This condition is more likely to affect men than women probably because the amount of uric acid in men is more than women.

Now, gentlemen, you know that how your life is at a greater risk than women. Thus, take a first now and go ahead for a full body check-up.

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