6 Ways to Make Money Today


Have you ever needed a bit of extra cash? Going to a local payday lender is the last thing you want to do. Although you can access funds conveniently through a payday loan, they come with high fees. Fortunately, there are several ways you can make money in less than 24 hours. All it takes is a bit of research and willingness. Let's take a look at a few ways you can start making money today.

  • Give People a Ride


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Did you know you can use your own car to haul people around? Even better, you can make money doing it and turn it into a nice paying job!. To top it off, you can receive instant pay if you become a rideshare driver and use a company such as Uber's instant payment option. You do have to go through an approval process, so get started on the application to make sure you can start making money as soon as possible. In addition to getting paid to give rides, you can earn handsome tips. 

  • Become a Babysitter


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If you enjoy being around kids, why not become a babysitter? You can make upward of $10 an hour which is well-paid, and you don't need anything other than yourself to get started. You can go through the approval process on Care.com and market yourself to a diverse range of clients. Working as a babysitter can be a fun part-time job.

  • Have a Yard Sale or Garage Sale

yard sale

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Do you have a bunch of stuff laying around the house you don't use anymore? If so, gather it together, organize it in your front lawn, have a yard sale and make some extra money. If it's raining or cold outside, you can always sell your items online. Sites such as eBay, Poshmark, and Craigslist allow you to tap into your funds instantly. There are also buys and sell groups on Facebook you can join. You might think some of your stuff isn't valuable, but you'd be surprised how much you can make off things you consider junk. 

  • Take Back Unused Merchandise


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You might be able to take back that unused TV you've had sitting in the corner of your closet for money. If you have a receipt, you might even be able to get back the full purchase price. You can return almost any item, especially unworn clothing and unopened beauty supplies.

  • Become a Day Trader

day trader

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Have you ever asked yourself what is day trading? Well, it's a great way for you to make money. With a small upfront investment, you can start trading penny stocks today. Ideally, you'll want to acquire a mentor so you can learn to pinpoint the stocks worth investing in and the right time at which to trade them. After you start day trading, you might even find yourself wanting to leave your nine-to-five job to become a full-time trader.

  • Wash Cars

wash cars

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Before you head out of the office, ask your co-workers if they'd like their cars to be washed and detailed. While it might take about an hour per car to get it sparkling clean, you can make upward of $50 a vehicle. It doesn’t take a lot of training or skills to get started with this type of business.


make money

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Thinking outside of the box and being creative is key to making money in less than 24 hours. 24 hours is not hard, what’s hard is putting in the hard work. This is the hardest obstacle. Do you have what it takes? Good luck!

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