6 Things to Do to Stay Organised

Being organised gives you the benefits of  having  peace in your mind and saves you money, as you can easily find what you are looking for, instead of buying more. In fact, it helps you connect with others, since you won’t be ashamed of the mess that is at your home and you will more often invite friends and relatives at your place. The average person spends almost an hour a day searching for something in his home. But I suppose you are all very familiar with that, what you really want to know is how to be organised and stay that way, especially in this fast-paced life.

What Does “Organised” Mean For You

Define what staying organised means for you. People interpret it differently, since everyone has different views for how to do things, how to live their lives. It all comes down to knowing what best suits your needs and go for it. Adopting other’s views and ways won’t help you that much. You are the one that knows best what’s your motivation to stay organised and how you wish to achieve it. Maybe your primary goal is to have more functioning home, rather than aesthetics. Or organisational strategies that are easy to implement at you home.

Having the ideas is easy, but starting is most certainly the hardest part. So, making small steps, like creating new habits each day, is a way to win this fight. Pick something that will make your life easier, for instance clean the table in the hallway so you’ll find your keys easily and get you out the door quicker.

Write Things Down

To avoid juggling too many things at a time, grab a notebook and start making lists. Be as detailed as you want when writing, but make sure to write down the most important parts of the tasks. You may not remember everything you have to do, so having it externally on a paper is a smart way to relief your brain from mental clutter.
Set priorities and deadlines on the tasks you have written. It makes a huge difference knowing what comes first in the list and and that it has to be done by the end of some period. Sticking to your plans is what organised people do. They don’t waste time without a purpose, but instead, try to be as productive as possible.

Cleaning Strategies

Being organised is way to keep your things in their proper places. Give your home proper maintenance and do not try to do all in one weekend. It’s a fight you probably won’t win and not only that, but you will get too overwhelmed with all the tedious tasks that await you, that you will probably give up at one point. You will feel more like wasting your time, than doing something that is meaningful. The three boxes method is a great way to start decluttering. And a little tip, do not make a box for “miscellaneous” items, since you will definitely put in almost everything and that is not helping you achieve your goal.
Your belongings won’t organise on their own, so taking care of what your bought over the years is your job.


If your life is overfilled with responsibilities, deadlines and so many other stuff that are piling with each new day, then trying to get off some of those demandings from your shoulders will decrease the stress you are under. You are not very much productive when you are stressed out. Go through the list you’ve made and decide which of the tasks can be given to someone else in your household.
When it comes to cleaning and maintaining the hygiene you can relieve yourself from this duty by delegating it to home cleaners, who will gladly tackle this chore.

Don’t Procrastinate

If you want life to be organised and less stressed, then taking care as soon as possible will lift the weight off your shoulders. The longer you procrastinate, the more difficult it will be for you to get it done.

Essential part of staying organised is understanding that you have certain time to complete the task and it will cost much if you continue to waste your time. As you complete the tasks on your to-do lists, it will become less of a burden, but a habit you’ve acquired that no longer bothers you.

Work Hard and Have a Reward

Once you have delegated the tasks and made schedules, then you can put your efforts into actually accomplishing your goal. Staying organised is not all sunshine and rainbows, it requires your attention and efforts, so you can enjoy your free of clutter home. During the cleaning session you can play your favourite music to stay focused and get yourself moving.


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