6 Steps to Success in Test Automation

Many companies nowadays prefer to follow test automation as it offers various advantages. It is necessary to perform testing of the software application to make sure the effective working of the software. By applying test automation you can perform repetitive tasks and exhaustive testing.  The software has to perform as well in every single platform and scenario and should be a strategic aspect of the complete SDLC. The goal of this procedure is to eliminate man made errors and provide faster results.

Automated Testing helps merchants accelerate testing of complex business processes and ensure the highest degree of application performance, security and reliability. But it does not come on its own. A well planned strategy is required to reap maximum benefits of automation testing. Test automation has been one of the most helpful means of testing software today.

But many companies not able to get success in test automation due to lack of knowledge and implementing procedure. Let’s take a look at 6 steps to achieve success in test automation. These steps are easy but are often ignored, bringing about failing.

Understanding and determination

Initial, the team needs to realize that automation is essential and everyone should be committed to the cause. The software testers should realize that automation testing is assisted by computer and is not a totally automated process. So the testers' involvement in test data generation, report examination, installation, script creation and result analysis remains essential.


The process must be well defined, without ad-hoc testing and positioning defined for the test, test coverage and test conditions for every single step.

Dedicated team of Professionals

There should be a dedicated number of automation testers that are exclusively assigned to check into test automation. Automation program should not be treated as a part time work, you have to give proper dedication to achieve success.

Aim of software

You must be clear about the complete goal of using test automation for your task. It could be increasing the test coverage, reducing the time for test execution, eliminating the chances of destabilization or touching some other aspects of testing like API testing. Primary of the automation program must be clarified and the complete strategy must pan away accordingly.

Sticking to code guidelines

Automation testers need to know that automation is nearly the same as that of development and hence the complete scripting should be in adherence to coding guidelines. Data powered approach should be implemented to allow unlimited assessment by just changing the data. Concepts like reusability and data independence should be followed.

Choosing the right tool

The success of test automation greatly will depend on the best choice of test automation tool. You have to consider factors like purpose, efficiency, user friendliness, kind of product and cost. There are plenty of specific tools for different types of testing like Win jogger and Silk Test for GUI testing, nunit and junit for unit testing. You can even find free tools like Selenium that may be manipulated and custom-made in accordance with the requirement.

Identifying the right tests

Since all test cases cannot be computerized, the emphasis should be on automating those test cases that are high on priority or which may have high chances of failing. The high activity program paths like invoice era, order placement, integration details between two components or applications, critically important procedures and the areas that need repetitive testing are perfect cases for automation testing.

These steps are supposed to show you in your quest for success in automation testing projects. Proceed with an open mind and become receptive to ideas. Build a strategy with smaller goals in mind and increase strength by strength.

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