6 Lighting Solutions for Big Businesses

Big business lighting

Commercial lighting is often deemed unimportant by business owners. The truth is, lighting levels are important, whether you own a coffee shop or a warehouse. Therefore, lighting solutions should be innovative and strong enough to meet the demands of your big business.

The color of the lighting

Although you might think of brightness as the most important factor, color is almost equally important. When it comes to colors, you ought to invest in lights neutral in color. Blue or strong yellow shades are harmful to the eyes, so neutral white is the best way to go. Further on the lights shouldn’t flash, as this is equally detrimental for the eyes.

Measure thrice, light up once

Before buying light fixtures, you will need to measure the size of each room the lights are getting installed in. If cannot settle on a particular type of lighting, having precise measurements will narrow down the lights you can actually pick. 

Failing to take the rooms’ measurements properly will result in fixtures that are either too large or small and cannot fit the room they are intended for. Measure both the height of a particular room, as well as the height of the ceiling. In most cases, an area like a front desk room will have a different height than the factory floor. 

If you wanted to get a feature like a chandelier, having a high ceiling will make the chandelier look unpleasing. These small details can make a huge difference when it comes to the aesthetic appeal of your office space which is essential if you have direct contact with customers.

The level of brightness

Depending on your workplace, you should introduce brightness levels that go hand in hand with the line of work your workers are in. If you use dim lights, it’ll make it difficult for workers to see around the workplace and ultimately stay focused on the work ahead.

If your property is the aforementioned warehouse, you will have to get lights that will be bright enough to cover large indoor spaces. Since a typical warehouse is rather tall, small recessed lights wouldn’t do the trick, as they only partially light up space.

On the other side, lights shouldn’t be so strong that they strain their eyes. Having said this, the best option is LED floodlighting that is lightweight (under 20kg), has a huge coverage, and feature minimal glare. Of course, don’t buy just any LED lights but the ones designed for industrial use.

Alternatives for commercial lighting fixtures

Although LEDs are the best option to go with, they are not the only commercial lighting fixtures. For smaller office spaces, recessed lighting is more than appropriate. Owners of these premises get rid of hanging bulbs and like to line the lights up with the ceiling. If you walk into an office like this and raise your head, you’ll see that the lights resemble a panel in the ceiling.

Some workplaces like to choose different lighting fixtures to reflect the mood of their business, so you must browse lighting options to get it right. Many enterprises specialize in skylight tech to provide a variety of fixture options of various sizes.

There is a large variety of LED bulbs for recessed lights ideal for smaller spaces. Fluorescent bulbs are another option you can go with. Recessed lights allow your workplace to appeal to the eye while promoting productivity at the same time.

The importance of balance

Acquiring the proper light fixtures is more than just choosing a light based on color, brightness, and size. Once you start investing in commercial lighting fixtures, you should look to establish a work environment with layered lighting.

Using proper measurements, you’ll end up with fixtures that evenly distribute light across the entire workspace. The existence of gaps will result in shadowy areas that can distract workers and reduce consistent light.

If your business already features natural light, don’t go overboard with installing artificial light fixtures. For instance, in the area where employees are working at a table, light fixtures should be directed towards the tables, falling down ideally. Just like with this rest of the building, the intensity of this light shouldn’t be too strong, yet it should be strong enough for employees to focus on what they’re doing.

Investing in table lamps and other forms of lighting helps better accommodate those that are working at tables. A dim room with a focused light on the table will make it easier for employees to stay focused, which is crucial if they are working with small parts or hazardous materials. 

Invest in lighting ASAP!

If you have hesitated about buying commercial lighting fixtures, you’re in danger of overthinking a rather simple entrepreneurial decision. Installing the right light fixtures will allow your workplace to look nice while increasing overall productivity. 

There are many more lighting solutions than the ones listed above. However, not all are suitable for big business, as they are industry-specific. Lighting up a mining surface and a coffeehouse requires lights of different brightness, colors, and intensity.

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