6 Important Things To Keep In Mind Before Going Camping In 2020


Camping is an excellent way to reconnect with nature and relieve the busy lifestyle. So, there is no reason why you should not enjoy every bit of it. Careful planning and a great camping site that will enable you to wake up to a beautiful view is worth planning for. Here are 6 important things to keep in mind before going camping:

1. What to pack

To make things easier, write down a list of the things you think you might need and how it relates to what you intend to go and do. A camping generator is a must, among other basic items, if you wish to enjoy your camping trip. Essential items such as food, water, a tent, jackets, camp knives, camping generator, camping parachute hammock, camp table, flashlights, and sleeping bags should be first on your list.

2. Transport

To avoid unnecessary delays and a downturn of events, it is always advisable to ensure that logistics for your camping trip are well covered. If you are moving with a personal vehicle, ensure that the car is in top shape before the D-day set for the camping. Also, make sure there is enough fuel or gas kept in an extra container ready for the trip.

3. Check the list twice

It is advised that you create a checklist of items that will be taken along and carefully cross them off your list as they are placed in the vehicle, to reduce the risk of forgetting a thing. In doing this, you will most certainly not forget any item, and be sure to have a fun trip too!

4. Practice

If you are not a camping expert, then it would be wise to practice setting up your tent a day or two before the set day for your trip. Try setting up in your back yard or living room two to three times before heading out for your camping trip. Funny? Well, that way you know what goes where, and you spend less time fussing over the tent set up.

5. Keep the weather in mind

The weather these days is increasingly becoming unpredictable. One minute it could be rainy, and the next minute, it is sunny. You, therefore, have to keep this in mind when going camping.

To ensure that your tent doesn’t give way in the event of rainfall, make an effort to waterproof it. You could do this by purchasing a can of silicone sealant, and then spray the tent from top to bottom, including the zippers.  Also, ensure that your camping generator has a waterproof covering in the event of rain and that you are set up on a higher plane, so you do not get flushed away by a higher mountain torrent. Sometimes generators create noise because they are not placed on a flat, even surface. When one side of the generator is not balanced, the shaking is bound to increase, and the noise level will also be more.

Sometimes, the way to reduce the noise is to get a different type of generator. Inverter generators are designed using modern technology to reduce the noise they produce. This means they offer less power than the traditional generators, but you save your ears more decibels.

6. Select your campsite beforehand

Going to the woods might seem fun and all, but you also have to be careful which wood you head into. Imagine finally getting to your desired site and finding out you have to start clearing to create space for your tent, and the sun is fast setting. That’s avoidable by simply picking a known camping site with positive reviews.

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