6 Gift Ideas for Cancer Patients

cancer care

When your girlfriend, daughter, sister or mother talk about their cancer, you automatically suffer too! However, if you haven't experienced the many facets of cancer yourself, the right words are often missing.

You want to show your sympathy and give comfort. The question is how?

The upcoming holidays now offer you the ideal opportunity. Show your care with a particularly attentive gift! Because the right gift can say what you lack the words. Say it with the appropriate gift. Which gift ideas are ideal for cancer patients?

Here are my personal favorites - for every budget who are looking for perfect cancer care packages:

A nice diary 

(Preferably together with a pen - maybe even with engraving, if you can still think of the right words!)

A diary offers the opportunity to let out feelings and thoughts. It may not be easy for the sick person in conversation. A reminder album with unusual questions offers a basis for those who have a hard time with an empty diary. The right questions can lead to astonishing self-knowledge. This gift can also be upgraded with a high-quality pen.

Voucher for a domestic help

Those who have to deal with their mortality have little energy and nerves for dirty windows. 

A woolen mouse like this can have unexpected effects, because “unfinished tasks” can create feelings of overwhelming and stressful. Fortunately, there is a remedy in the form of a cleaning aid!

However, there is also a limited entitlement to domestic help through health insurance. So, it may be that this suggestion is not always appropriate. Find out.

A feel-good voucher 

Vouchers should be chosen individually. Whether an appointment with the beautician, an invitation to a manicure and/or pedicure to a soothing massage...

When choosing a voucher, it is essential to consider the worry of the sick person. Those who complain of severe joint pain may be reluctant to be massaged.

Anyone who is in the middle of chemotherapy always receives oncological advice not to use nail polish. In this phase of the treatment, it is important to be able to observe the effects of the treatment on the nail bed.

A cozy blanket with a cashmere feel 

Not infrequently, chemo causes circulatory disorders. As a result, patients complain of cold fingers and feet. Blankets for the chemo are usually within reach. But your cozy blanket offers both warmth and a bit of security.

Depending on the material, the blanket can be printed or embroidered, making it a particularly personal gift.

A gift basket - especially for the period of chemotherapy (or even hospitalization!)

If chemotherapy or a hospital stay is imminent, the patient will certainly be happy about a particularly lovingly stocked chemo gift basket. Content can include:

  • a cozy blanket with cashmere feeling 
  • an oversized cashmere pashmina scarf 
  • a small pillow or a neck support 
  • deck  or a travel game collection 
  • a delicious type of tea
  • an unbreakable travel mug or a nice tea-drinking bottle 
  • Bluetooth headphones 
  • Magazines, often better with lots of photos and little reading text
  • fluffy socks in different colors 

Certainly, you still think of a few parts to complete your gift basket.

"A day at the sea"

A visit to a sea beach gives the mind and body a special wellness experience. The brine nebulization offers pure relaxation and also strengthens the immune system (- which is particularly important during cancer therapy!)

No matter what you choose - your personal, carefully selected gift should show that you are always with the patient in your thoughts. If your gift puts a smile on her lips, then you've done everything right!

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