5 Top Tips to Clean the Mirrors in Bathrooms Without Marks

Glass cleaning tips

Keeping the office neat and clean is a priority of every business these days as it helps them maintain a good outlook of their company. Whether it’s cleaning the entire floor of the business place or individual office mirrors. It leaves a good impression on the eyes of the customers and the employees when they see properly washed floors and tidy bathroom mirrors.

Commercial Cleaning demands a lot of workforces, effort, time, and equipment which is why most of the organizations hire reputed commercial cleaners. These professional cleaning services wash, scrub and wax different parts of the office in such a thorough fashion that they leave no traces or streaks afterward. You can also wash glass mirrors in bathrooms of your office effectively by yourself with the following 5 top tips:

1. Use Distilled / Soft Water

The quality of water differs vastly from one place to another. For a naked eye, the water which seems clean enough might not be that healthy in reality. It could contain lots of impurities in it. If you were only going to wash the tops of the counters or the floors, then it would be okay to go with tap water. But since we are talking about cleansing your office mirror glass, a mere streak left behind would look horrendously bad.

The majority of us just mix glass cleaning detergent and water for washing the mirror and expect good results. But it doesn’t produce effective results because hard water contains high concentrations of minerals like calcium and magnesium. This water, when mixed with a cleaning product will only leave marks on your mirror.

Instead of using impure water from tap, use distilled or soft water to clean your office window glass. When mixed with glass cleaner, it will provide you with the best glass cleaning results without leaving any streaks.

2. Use Vinegar

Vinegar is commonly used in the food and especially tastes great on salads. It’s a natural product and works well for those who believe in clean green. The best kind of vinegar for cleaning purposes is the white distilled one, which is antibacterial and non-toxic.

The white vinegar can prove to be the best cleaner for your office bathroom mirrors when you equally mix it with the distilled or soft water.

3. Minimize Soap Suds

Soap is normally the first thing that comes into mind when thinking of cleaning mirrors. But it leaves the glass with horrible streaks due to its lather. This happens when people add too much soap into water. Less is more when it comes to detergents. The lesser the soap suds will be, the lesser will be the chance of marks left on the glass.

4. Do Not Use Paper Towels

Paper towels leave more visible streaks on the surface of the mirror than any other substance out there. Instead of using them, get a microfiber cloth and rub the glass with it. You can also use the black and white pages or whatever you may find for excellent and bright results of bathroom mirror cleaning leaving behind no streaks whatsoever. Just make sure you are wearing a pair of clean gloves while doing this trick.

5. Buffing

If, somehow, nothing among the previously described methods works for you, then embrace the good-old technique of buffing. The most effective kind of cloth for this method is the microfiber towel or chamois one. Ensure that the chosen piece of cloth is clean and dry and simply buff over the surface of the bathroom mirrors after the initial cleaning.

Commercial buildings require regular cleaning. The bathroom mirrors are not usually properly cleaned by the office janitors which is why special attention is required from the business executives toward this problem.

If you are in need of any window, carpet or any commercial office cleaning job then always call a reliable and professional Cleaning Service. A certified and trusted cleaner can take care of all cleaning needs of its commercial and industrial customers with excellent results. 

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