5 Tips in Finding the Best Outdoor TV Cover

Outdoor TV Covers

Did you know that spending time outdoors can lead to a healthier and happier life? Well, according to an article published on Business Insider, there are a lot of health and psychological benefits to staying outdoors. Among these benefits are improvement of memory, lower chances of depression and lower blood pressure. The article was written in the context of nature walks, but who is to say that breathing fresh air right in your backyard won’t do the trick? 

Spending a lot of time indoors under the glare of fluorescent lights will not be good for your health and sanity in the long run. So many people have been turning their backyard or patio into a relaxing haven. Of course, part of creating a mini home outside your home is installing a fine outdoor television: LED / LCD / plasma. Any of these will do. But because there are so much more elements outside the house, your awesome entertainment system needs a practical TV cover

Finding the right outdoor TV covers needs practical considerations. You can’t just pick out the first thing that you see. There are a number of things you have to ponder on before paying for an efficient TV cover, here are some of them:


1. Get an all-weather protective TV cover

Weatherproof protection is a necessity. An outdoor television is fairly more expensive than the regular ones you usually use inside the house. If you take care of your indoor television, your outside flat screen or plasma television is even prissier. But it is understandable as there are a lot of elements to battle with outdoors, one of those being the weather. The climate is ever-changing and the weather changes every season. Changing outdoor TV covers based on the season is highly impractical, which is why you go for materials that will withstand the heat of the sun during hot summer days, the chill during winter, and everything in between. 

When the weather is too cold, there is a tendency that the crystal fluid in the system could freeze. That would disrupt the reception on the flat-screen TV. During extreme heat, there is also a possibility of a short circuit inside the TV. So the first thing on your checklist in buying an outdoor TV cover should be its capacity to withstand all weather conditions.

Most weatherproof outdoor TV covers are also dust-proof. If you don’t want the humidity, chill or mildew to penetrate your TV screens, you wouldn’t want dust to take over as well. There is also another element that you have to protect your outdoor TV from: bird poop. Yes, it happens. 

2. Make sure the inner lining of the cover is soft

You want an outdoor TV cover that will also prevent scratches.  Some TV covers have soft inner linings, some are also padded. Obviously the padded one will provide better protection. It is the outside world, after all; so many things can happen. Some people might be playing catch and the ball will end up smashing the television set. A padded cover could prevent that. Children might be throwing things around. And again with the bird—a bird just might happen to fly right smack at your TV screen. As long as the TV is off, make sure it is protected with its cover. 

3. Measure your TV set before going to the store

When it comes to outdoor TVs, you have to go big or go home. Seriously, the outside world is just so much bigger so you can’t have an outdoor television that is less than 55 inches. Actually, you can, but why would you want to? Your backyard can fit so many people, and they deserve a bigger screen to enjoy whatever movie, series or championship game is on. Before buying outdoor TV covers, you have to measure the screen as well as the wall mounts, if screens are on them. The right size is important since you don’t want your cover to be too loose. This will just give dust space to accumulate. You also can’t buy a cover that is too snug; it won’t do well for the screen not to have breathing space.


4. Do a well-rounded research before buying a TV cover

Go to Amazon and other generic online sellers of various items. Check out people’s reviews on the best outdoor TV covers. There are so many brands out there: Garnetics, TV Cover Store, Mount-It!, Songmics, Khomo Gear, Vivo, ANTV and so many others. Read about what people think about a particular brand and a particular model of TV cover. You have to consider that reviews are subjective, so it is important that you know what you prefer in a protective cover and sift through people’s comments. By reading people’s reviews, you will eventually realize that there are some benefits that you want in a TV cover that you have never thought of before. At least, you know the basic qualities you should look for. Reviews are also the best way to weed out the terrible TV covers. It will be an educational experience for you, for sure. 

Another way to research about the best TV cover is by visiting friends’ homes and asking them about their own outside TV cover. This is also a great way for you to examine the item closely. This way, you don’t just learn about a TV cover, you can actually feel it for yourself. 


5. Find a cover that has a pocket for the remote control

How many times have you misplaced the remote control? Too many to mention, right? Make sure that won’t happen again by buying a TV cover that has a pocket for the remote control. It would save you a lot of stress. 

Outdoor televisions are a lot more heavy-duty than the regular ones you keep inside the house. Because of that, they are more expensive but they also work well with nature’s light, noise and other outdoor elements. Protect your expensive and high-quality television with a highly functional TV cover that can battle those natural and mechanical elements. 

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