5 Tips for Choosing the Right Snowboard Equipment

So you are thinking of getting new snowboard equipment. You may have heard a few advices from your friends or families, telling you which is the best snowboarding gear. The truth is, the best gear for you depends on several factors, like your skill level and style. The best gear for your friend does not necessarily mean that it’s also the best gear for you. Choosing the right gear will take a bit of know-how. To help you with that, below are 5 tips for choosing the right snowboard equipment, best snowboarding gear

Tip #1 - General Rule Of Thumb
Most snowboarding gear like bindings, boots and boards come in two major categories: soft and stiff. It's important to know what kind of style you want to ride and your skill level as this will determine whether you should go for a stiff or soft gear. 
Stiff gear is built to support and to be responsive. Because of this, this makes stiff gears ideal for free riding, aggressive riding and fast riding. On the other hand, the softer gears are built are much more forgiving. Softer gears are ideal for jibbing and learning the basics. Of course, there are gears that are in the middle of the spectrum. Don't be afraid to experiment to get that best gear for you. 

Tip #2 - Boots
Contrary to popular belief, your boot is more important than your snowboard. In fact, it is the most critical part of your snowboard gear. Your primary objective when choosing snowboard boots is a comfortable and a good fit. This is the main reason why it's advisable that you should buy boots at your local store opposed at an online store. The online store can never let you know how the boots feel when you place your foot in them. 
Look for a snug fit, but make sure that your feet do not feel any pressure points. The boots must hold your heel firmly. Lastly, start with your normal shoe size and increase from there, using comfort and feel as your guide. 

Tip #3 - Bindings
The next order of business is the bindings. When looking for that the best bindings, the factors that you need to pay attention to is size and compatibility. You would want to make sure that binding you choose would fit your very well with the board and your boots. Lastly, different brands have different mounting systems. Therefore, ensure that you double-check the bindings and board will be compatible. 

Tip #4 - Board
Picking the right board for you will largely depend on your budget, riding style and weight. Each board manufacturers will give recommendation when it comes to board's flex, weight range and size. It's best that you pay attention to that. Shape and length largely depend on your riding style. Small boards are meant for freestyle, while the larger boards are meant for freeriding. 

Tip #5 - Clothing 
Since you are in the great outdoors when you go for a snowboard, it's also important that you pick the right jacket and pants. The right clothing should be loose, but not too loose that it will weigh you down. 
Go for the clothing that is waterproof. This will shield you from the cold. Lastly, look for good "breathable" clothing, as it should keep the cold out and at the same time let the moisture inside the jacket and pants escape. 

Choosing the best snowboarding equipment isn't that difficult if you know the basics. When shopping for snowboarding gear, be sure to remember the general rule of thumb mentioned above, and the advice on choosing the right boots, bindings, board and clothing.

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