A 5-Step Guide To Creating Resin Jewelry

A 5-Step Guide To Creating Resin Jewelry
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If you love making your jewelry, resin will keep your creative juices flowing and your fashion sense ever edgy.

Resin is a synthetic or organic polymer that’s either solid or a viscous liquid, and it is mostly used to make plastics. However, besides its commercial appeal, resin makes perfect pieces of jewelry—it’s easy to mold, and it’s visually interesting owing to its natural luster. 

So how do you create resin jewelry? Here’s a guide to assist you:

1. Gather The Supplies You Need

The first step in completing this project is gathering all you need before starting. 

For this project, you’ll need the following:

  • jewelry mold (silicone or plastic)
  • mixing cup
  • latex or nitrile glove
  • safety glasses
  • glue
  • eye pins
  • clasps
  • closures
  • sealant
  • toothpicks
  • embellishments
  • sticks
  • chain, cord, hooks

Of course, you will need epoxy resin for this project. Ensure you buy quality resin, like Harry & Wilma’s range of epoxy resins. You want your resin jewelry to last, so be sure to use the right hardener.

2. Prepare Your Embellishments

Embellishments refer to the decorative items you want to add to your resin jewelry. These could be a flower petal, skittle candy, sprinkles, glitters, or art you’ve drawn.

The best way to add your embellishments to resin is by coating them with the sealant, especially if they’re porous. The sealant creates a barrier between the flower petal and resin, keeping it in place. The sealant prevents it from absorbing the resin’s moisture, which may compromise its integrity and look.

3. Cast Your Mold

In this step, the jewelry mold comes into place. Start by cleaning it to ensure you get a quality end product, and make sure it’s dry before starting. Coat it before pouring in your resin for easy removal.

Mix equal parts of the epoxy resin and hardener in the mixing cup, and thoroughly stir with your sticks. Soak them in hot water for easier mixing. Mix the ingredients thoroughly but slowly to prevent the formation of air bubbles. 

With the mixture ready, pour it into the jewelry mold. Where you’re adding embellishments, pour the resin in layers. Add the first layer; and follow it with your glitters, flower, or sprinkles. Add them after the layer has set and hardened a little. You want to provide a solid base to keep your embellishment in place. Follow this with the next or final layer of the epoxy resin. 

Watch for bubbles in each layer as you pour in the epoxy resin. Should there be any bubbles, use a toothpick to prick them. Alternatively, heat the molded resin with a heat gun. The heat will lift the bubbles to the top, eliminating them. 

Once you’ve cast your mold, let it cure and dry for approximately 24 hours. Then cover it to prevent dust and debris from settling on your resin jewelry.

4. Remove Your Cast Resin Mold

Once your resin has dried adequately, it’s time to remove it from the mold. You should do it when the resin hasn’t completely dried; it should be compressible enough for the following steps.

Consider spraying the molded resin with mold release, especially if the mold is plastic and not silicone. The mold release will ensure the resin comes out intact without sticking to the mold’s sides. 

5. Attach Your Chains And Hooks

With the removal of the cast resin jewelry, it’s time to make them functional—turn them into the jewelry you intended them to be. 

First, you will need to attach an eye pin to the cast resin. It is where you will feed your clasp, chain, ring, or cord. Get the eye pin, and heat it for a few seconds. When hot, it’ll easily penetrate your resin jewelry. Mark a point of the resin where you insert the pin, and then screw it in. Push the eye pin past the center of the piece to reduce the chances of it coming out. 

Then feed your ring or clasp through the pin, and secure it. The adhesive may come in handy at this point. Proceed to let your resin jewelry completely harden for it to last longer. Once dried, add a hook, and you can wear the jewelry as an earring. Use a chain or cord to turn it into a necklace. Finally, your resin jewelry is now ready for wearing.


Creating resin jewelry is relatively easy. It can turn out to be an addictive hobby, and it has good business potential. With proper guidance, you can let your creativity shine and make your ideal jewelry designs a reality.

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