5 Spots You Should NEVER Clean With Paper Towels

Paper towels make for an irreplaceable tool to use at home. They come in handy when you are cooking in the kitchen and when you wipe your countertops. A messy spill, an accident with greasy foods or drinks can be easily handled with the help of a paper towel.

By having a roll of paper towels around you are not only assured that you can tackle most accidental spills, but you can also be calm that there will be no problem for you to react quickly enough and get to cleaning service right away. We all know that tackling spills is best done right away, and having some paper towels nearby will greatly reduce potential damage from the spill.

Despite being very handy and useful in many situations, paper towels are not a universal tool to be used for all tasks. In fact, there are certain things you should never clean with paper towels as that could lead to damage. Here are 5 items that you should avoid cleaning with paper towels:

Electronic devices

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Some electronic devices have delicate surface, which can be easily damaged by paper towels. Towels are textured and may in fact hurt the surface of your telephone screen for example. What should you use for cleaning service of this particular item instead? Well, a microfiber cloth makes an excellent tool in helping you sanitise your screen and cleaning smudges. As for a more thorough cleaning, which every device needs from time to time, you can use an alcohol wipe. It does an amazing job at sanitising and killing germs.


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Cleaning your glasses with paper towels is not advisable for the same reason why you should not use them on screens - they can damage the surface. This is especially true for lenses and their delicate coating. A paper towel that is dry can actually scratch the coating and that is the last thing you want to see on your glasses. Given the high price of glasses, you most likely do not want to damage them in such a careless manner. You should be really carefull the way you treat your glasses. That is why you should use a cloth that has been approved by your optician.  

Various spills on the carpet

When there is a spillage, the only thing you are thinking aout is how fast you can handle the spot. The problem with using paper towels for carpet cleaning and stain removal is that it can shred and get embedded in the fibers. That is not going to help the situation in any way and make it worse instead. The most effective technique is blotting the stain with a clean white cloth. Never rub, as that would spread the stain and make the problem worse. 

Wooden furniture

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Even if you don't know it, paper towels are abrasive, and so is dust. If you use a dry towel to dust the surface of your furniture, you risk scratching the finish. This can leave notable marks and that is not a sight you want to see. This cleaning service is best performed with a soft cloth and furniture polish.

Black clothes

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A paper towel used to clean stained dark fabric will leave behind lint. Not even wetting the towel will help, and will in fact make the problem worse. Using a clean cloth will get the job done in a far better manner.


Paper towels are undeniably useful, but there are just some tasks that you should not use them for. You will save yourself a lot of trouble if you avoid paper towels in the described situations.

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