5 Reasons to Replace Your Home’s Roofline Material in 2020

Roofline Material

As you start to give thought to all the projects you want to tackle around your home this year, one area that you may want to focus on is your roof. Whether your roof and the roofline material is getting up there in age and due for replacement soon, or if it’s still in good shape, replacing your home’s roofline material to a PVCu specifically can be an extremely wise investment. It may not be the first thing that pops to mind on your to-do list, but these five benefits could have you thinking twice.

1. Ramp Up the Style Factor

Replacing roofline material is a way to quickly ramp up the style factor and improves your home's curb appeal. Curb appeal is something that homeowners take great pride in, and it's even more important if you have plans of selling your house in the future. It’s what sets your home apart from others and helps to make it look cared for.

If your current roofline material is wood, then you know better than anyone just how high maintenance it can be. Making sure it stays fresh looking and free from rot requires time and a whole lot of money, and even with that, the wood can still look tired and old.

Choosing something such as PVCu roofline and cladding will give the home a touch of elegance, freshness, and style. Better yet, it is maintenance-free and weather-resistant. This means you don't have to worry about yearly wear and tear taking a toll.

2. Choose a More Durable Material

When you think about the elements your roof and roofline are exposed to on a daily basis, it's easy to understand how things like wood rot, water damage, and even structural damage can occur. Each of the parts - soffit, fascia board, cladding, and guttering - play an important role in keeping the inside of your house dry, free from drafts, and at a constant steady temperature. If even one of these is compromised, the roof will no longer offer the same level of protection and integrity.

By choosing a PVCu roofline, you’ll get a material that resists all that normal wear and tear. And just like with standard roofline materials, you can find companies that offer guarantees or warranties on their products. Take, for example, the 10-year peace of mind guarantee that is part of The Home Design Group’s Roofline services.

3. Pick the Colour You Want

Then there is the fact you can also pick whatever colour you want, giving you more options. This is a great way to personalise the look of your home and stick to a particular colour palette.

4. Keep Pests Out

Timber fascia and cladding will rot over time. As this process occurs, holes are created, and this provides a convenient access point for pests. The last thing any homeowner wants is a roof full of mice, rats, or nesting birds. Such pests can create havoc and cause untold damage. PVCu is hard-wearing and long-lasting, thus keeping pests out.

5. Makes Your Home Easier to Sell in the Future

Buyers prefer properties that are low maintenance. Having a PVCu roofline product fitted ticks a lot of boxes by removing the need to repair and replace timber fascia, cladding, and soffits. Older properties often have higher roofs, so any maintenance work carried out to repair a timber fascia or soffit will require the installation of scaffolding. This can easily cost more than £1,000.

If you replace your timber roofline with PVCu products, it’s a one-time-only project. Once you have plastic fascia, soffit and cladding installed, you can forget about it. So, when you decide to sell, there is no need to get a set of ladders and a paint pot out, or worse, worry about the adverse comments in a homebuyer’s survey that encourage your buyers to try their luck and ask for a hefty discount on the asking price. 

Add It to the List

So, as you create your list of projects to tackle in 2020 you may want to add “replacing roofline material”. This is a great way to update the look of your home while decreasing the level of exterior maintenance you are dealing with.

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