5 Practical Tips for Creating Effective Passwords

Virtual data room (VDR) is a specially created tool for performing business transactions, which require the highest level of information security. There is no doubt that using a VDR is more convenient in comparison with a physical repository: the first requires no physical space for storage, no resources for maintenance, and gives an opportunity to fasten and simplify the process with the help of many useful features (track audit, daily reporting, flexible permission system, Questions & Answers section, drag-and-drop technology, bulk uploads, etc.). However, except convenience of use, one must also consider the level of security of a chosen VDR.

Providers of virtual data rooms apply various security measures, one of which is a password-protection. When choosing a password for your data room, make sure that it is strong enough and easy to remember. The most common requirements for secure passwords are the following: 8 symbols or more, and use of numbers, capital letters and symbols in one password. Generating passwords that stand these requirements is not difficult, however, remembering them won`t be easy. Recommendations below will help you to create unusual, strong passwords that you are not likely to forget:

1. Use dates. Forget about birthdays, such passwords are obvious and easy to hack. You can use the date (or the combination of them), which is meaningful to you personally and only to you. For example, date of your first visit to Paris (London, Tokyo). This way, you can combine words and numbers (e.g. LO2008/09/08).

2. Use favorite songs. You can take a phrase from your favorite song and leave first letters only. Let capital letters remain capital and replace some of the letters / words with numbers, for example, to by 2, or S by 5, for by 4. For instance, you can use the phrase “Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away” in a password “Y,amt55fa”.

3. Use poems. The method is similar to the previous one. Select a poem or a nursery rhyme that you like and replace the sentence by symbols. “If you can keep your head when all about you are losing their and blaming it on you” by Rudyard Kipling will look like “IUckyhwaaUaltabioU-RK”, where U means you and RK is the author`s name.

4. Use your keyboard. Create a pattern that you are likely to remember and press the keys to get it. For example, if you press “1qaz3edc5tgb” you will get three straight lines at the same distance from each other.

5. Use your imagination. You can create any visual image in your head and transform it into sentence; the most important thing is that it must be illogical. For example, you can imagine 2 pink foxes driving 2 scooters to Monte Carlo and your password will be “2pfd2stMC”.

Despite the fact that a strong password in a VDR is important, hackers can still decrypt data, so it is worth creating different passwords for different folders and projects. With the mentioned system of remembering passwords, it will not take much efforts.

Reliable VDR providers offer other ways of user identification in the system. iDeals, which is one of the most credible providers in the market of virtual repositories, allows clients to have authentication with a permanent password or with a one-session password sent to the mobile device of the user. Except data encryption and the password protection, iDeals specialists have implemented many other safety measures in their VDR: dynamic watermarking, antivirus scanning, print screen restriction, etc. Considering all the security measures and a variety of useful features, iDeals virtual repository has become popular among businesses who look for a tool for secure data storage, distribution, and management.


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