5 Myths About Worldwide Health Insurance Busted

health insurance

If you are planning to travel abroad one of the things that would put you into dilemma is whether to buy worldwide health insurance. While these plans do offer a lot of benefits when you are traveling to different parts of the globe there are lots of myths attached to them. These myths and beliefs are so powerful that many people completely avoid buying this coverage while touring abroad. Here we bust five of such myths.

#1 There is Little Value on Worldwide Health Insurance

You need not go far and just Google for stories of people who have had the harrowing experience with medical emergencies abroad. You would come across thousands of people who have regretted not having bought international health insurance. The problem that the vast majority see no value in insurance is the fact that they don’t face such emergencies (their good luck) but the very purpose of such plans is to keep you safe and protect your interests.

#2 It Is Very Expensive

Did you hear it from your dad or your uncle? While they are true in their belief as global health insurance was really expensive in the past but not anymore. With the number of people traveling abroad for jobs, business and leisure tours having exponentially increased these plans are available cheap thanks to the economy of scale. So if you take inflation into account you would get these plans at a fraction of what they cost a decade or two back. These plans would protect you against all the foreseen and unforeseen dangers abroad and offer you complete peace of mind.

#3 You Don’t Need It If You Are Fit

Yes if you are young and fit you are in lesser danger of suffering from a health emergency due to your physical conditions. But it only takes a simple incident of rash driving or natural calamity to put you into hot soup. Imagine becoming a victim of a car crash in a foreign land or needing helicopter evacuation when you are on a hiking trail. All these can cut deep holes in your pocket if you aren’t covered by insurance. Irrespective of your age and your physical condition life can be cruel and it is always better to be prepared than to be sorry.

#4 My Credit Card Offers Insurance

Your credit card, your tour operator and even your employer would promise you the moon when you are traveling abroad. This is a simple trick that is used to lure you towards a card, a job or a vacation with the particular tour operator. But when tragedy actually strikes you are left evaluating what is included and what’s excluded from their insurance coverage that you were promised. Remember you are responsible for your safety and that of your loved ones and when traveling abroad you cannot ignore the benefits of worldwide health insurance.

#5 Country That I Am Visiting Offers Great Healthcare to Expats

Think about one country or its government that doesn’t claim to offer decent healthcare services. But in reality, there aren’t too many countries that would offer comprehensive and cheap healthcare services to foreigners. Even nations that for long have prided in offering free and universal healthcare to their citizens are struggling to manage these freebies for their very own people and leave aside offering it to someone who is on a holiday. This is one thing that you shouldn’t really fall for and create your own safety net.

So now that we have busted the myths surrounding worldwide health insurance it is time for you to choose an insurer who offers you maximum coverage when you are in a distant land.

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