5 Key Factors to Consider While Selecting the Right Equipment Lubricant

Industrial lubricants

Achieving sufficient lubrication of machinery is one of the main objectives of any industrial unit. The equipment that contains moving parts needs to be thoroughly oiled to remove any possible friction between them. Choosing the right kind of lubricant for your tools gets overwhelming due to the consideration of many factors.

Here are the five key factors that you should consider while selecting the right equipment lubricant:

Kind of Function it Serves

Lubricants can serve a wide variety of functions which include the following:

  • Friction (lubricants decrease energy consumption and heat generation)
  • Contamination (these oils carry different pollutants and particles to filter)
  • Wear and tear (lubricants can reduce corrosive and mechanical wear and tear)
  • Corrosion (these oils can preserve various surfaces from corrosive materials)
  • Temperature (lubricants can absorb and move heat energy)
  • Power Transmission (in case of hydraulics)

First of all, you need to study your application for various challenges (low temperature, high pressure, and vulnerability to saltwater, to name a few) it presents and get the right type of lubricant accordingly. Read the products’ labels properly and see what sort of functions they serve under different circumstances.

Composition of Lubricant

Quality industrial lubricants come in a variety of compositions, and the reason behind these additions depends on the usage of these greases (oils with added thickeners). A thickener is a compound that consists of fibrous particles acting like sponges that give the oil more viscous properties). Each type of these additions to oils serves various functions such as heat and water resistance, pumping ability, and shear stability.

Increased Ease of Usage

The mode of applying a lubricant largely depends upon your equipment composition, which is why all oils cannot be involved similarly. An aerosol lubricant would be enough for use in case of an available hinge. Likewise, one may easily apply grease with hand to a reachable gearbox.

But, in case of hard-to-reach equipment sites, you may utilize an automatic dispenser that requires refilling every five to six months. A continuous dispenser might be the best option for parts that need frequent lubrication. When you purchase lubricants from a high-quality vendor, you can also consult with them the best possible method for using the lubricant that you are buying.

Longevity Concerns

Many suitable quality lubricants have a considerable lifespan and need to be replaced once the useful life is over. Failing to replace these oils could prove fatal to your machine’s health and cause different issues like running out of operating capacity, damaged bearings, metallic contact. It could also cause some other problems, such as increased maintenance expenses and extended downtime.

Make sure the lubricant you are investing in must have a long useful lifespan and able to produce long-lasting output.

Being Cost-Effective

Last but not least, the lubricant you are purchasing must be cost-effective and give high-performance for a long time. It’s imperative to consider different price points and compare their preventive maintenance needs, fluid life, and their methods of use. If you have a high-cost machine at your production house, then you should invest in the high-quality lubricant to increase the equipment’s functioning and prolong its life.

There is no doubt that all industries require the use of lubricants, but not all oils are made with equal qualities. That’s why it would not be wise for you to invest in a cheap or low-quality lubricant without considering the factors mentioned above. The best practice is to take as much time in selecting the right lubricant as you decide to buy a new machine to get maximum efficiency.

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