5 Birds That Can Become a Real Nuisance for You and Your Property

Birds can create a beautiful outdoor space for your home, and an area that was completely devoid of them would feel downright strange. Birds however can become something of a nuisance for homeowners looking for a little peace and quiet.

Keep reading to learn more about five common birds that give homeowners more than their share of headaches, as well as what you can do about them. In some cases, you can keep problematic birds at bay on your own with very cost-effective solutions.

Screech Owl

The screech owls have a tendency to make noise in the middle of the night when you’re trying to get some rest. If you’re a light sleeper, even a single screech owl in your yard or in the area can keep you up.

While you can’t control all the neighborhood owls, there is one simple solution that you can implement on your property. That’s to put a fake owl somewhere in your yard in a spot that would be visible to other owls.

Owls are very territorial, and when they’re on the hunt for a habitat, they want it to be all their own. Detailed wooden or plastic owls that look lifelike are your best bet for keeping screech owls away.


Everybody across the world knows the sound of the woodpecker. Though they mostly bother people during the day, woodpeckers can drive homeowners nuts with their incessant sound. Woodpeckers can also damage your home if they choose it as their spot to use that sharp, pointy beak.

The simplest solution for woodpeckers is to mix hot sauce and water in a spray bottle, then spray the area where the woodpecker is causing damage. This is often enough for the woodpecker to remember that your house isn’t a very friendly place to do his or her work.

Don’t worry, though, you won’t hurt the woodpecker. They’ll just move on to another location that isn’t on your property.

Cattle Egret

The cattle egret doesn’t impact all homeowners because it tends to live in rural areas. However, if you have a home in one of these rural areas, and particularly if you have livestock or milk cows, they can become a problem almost overnight.

The reason they’re an issue is because they tend to land directly on top of your cows, irritating them and causing all sorts of chaos among the group. Cattle egrets can even cause cows to stop grazing or move far away from their regular location, making it hard for you to bring them back in.

Using bird nets, solar decoys, and even noise machines can help keep egrets from being a problem. To implement these solutions, using bird control professionals is a wise move.

European Starling

For homeowners, European starlings can be loud and messy, especially because they tend to breed quickly and stay in one place.

To get rid of European starlings, the best thing you can do is to remove nesting sites when there are no birds or eggs present. The nesting season is relatively short for starlings, so getting an evaluation from the home and commercial pest control pros can help you keep them from coming back when it’s time to find a safe space to nest.


The tanager is an attractive bird that’s typically olive to brown in color with a large white undercarriage or patch. While the bird might be nice to look at in passing, it can become particularly annoying for people who live near them.

That’s because the tanager makes a loud call that sounds as if the bird is under stress or in fear of being hurt. Unfortunately, this just seems to be the general noise the bird makes, leaving nearby humans looking for an escape.

Since tanagers usually only nest for a few weeks at a time, removing them from your property isn’t a wise decision. However, you can use a reputable bird control service to limit nesting areas in your yard.

For the most part, tanagers are only an issue when too many decide to nest in your outdoor space at once.

Contact commercial pest control services in your area to learn more about bird control and how you can keep your outdoor space free of problematic birds. While a world without birds wouldn’t be very pleasant, you don’t want all the birds of the world calling your backyard home. Bird control displacement services can make your home beautiful without being a breeding ground for every type of bird.

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