4 Ways You Can Maximize Space In Your Office

Maximize Space In Your Office
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Creating an office space that lends itself to being productive while still being stylish and comfortable can be a real challenge. Depending on the space that you are working with you may need to have office furniture that combines functions to provide the pieces that you need for productivity combined with features to make the best use of your allotted office space. 

When you are not only working with limited space but also sharing that space with another person, a two person desk could be the solution to your needs. Below are four ways to maximize the square footage in your office by using space saving office furnishings.

1. The Right Furniture

When you find yourself with one office space and two people sometimes there is a need to double up and things can become very cramped. Instead of cramming two desks into one office leaving little to no room to move around, consider installing a two person desk. There is a range of great two person desks available along with matching accessories for both homes as well as traditional offices.

Often using a desk in the shape of an L is perfect for supporting peripherals to the computer stations such as a printer that is installed in the corner of the desk that both users can share from either end. This type of setup is convenient for not only saving space but also saving money on duplicate equipment.

2. Vertical Storage Space

Do take advantage of the vertical storage space in your office in the form of shelving for the walls. Many office setups offer matching shelving for storage of materials such as office supplies, files, and decorative additions to your office environment. You will be maximizing your square footage by going up vertically, not out using precious floor space when looking for additional storage options. Combining this vertical storage central on a  two person desk also makes it easy for both parties to manage files in a limited space with easy access for each person.

3. Digital Storage Options

There will always be times when you need an actual physical copy of a file or contract on hand for personal or legal reasons. However, when you find that your file cabinet is no longer able to contain the actual physical copies due to sheer size in numbers, it may be time to consider utilizing digital storage for your office. There are many such software packages available to convert your physical files into digital information. The upside of using digital files for storage is that you can easily send them rapidly to clients for signatures or storage with a push of a button.

Another great advantage of using digital file storage is when you are sharing an office with another person, both parties can work together on the same file from two different locations. No more hunting for a file that your partner or coworker has on their side of your two person desk when you can share the same digital file simultaneously from your side of the setup.

4. Overlooked Spaces

Typically there are some places that are overlooked when it comes to using your office space wisely. The corners of the room are often not even considered when it comes to square footage in your plan. Although no one wants to stare into the corner all day every day, the space can be used for options such as a water cooler or coffee stand and provide basic comforts to your staff. Even if you tuck a potted plant in the corner behind a guest chair, making use of the space will save valuable square footage for other equipment that may be vital to your business.

Be Creative

Using your space strategically is vital for small offices along with larger spaces that need to encompass several people or workstations. It can be a real challenge to use the space efficiently while still maintaining the flow of the office. Visual space is important as well to prevent feeling cramped to relieve workplace anxiety. Creating a spacious feel provides tension relief in the office providing an atmosphere of relaxation which in turn can be conducive to productivity. 

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