4 Times It Pays to Apply for Financial Aid

4 Times It Pays to Apply for Financial Aid

Applying for financial aid can be a daunting process. Some people believe it isn't worth the time and energy. Others think they won't qualify, whether due to parents' income or their status as a part-time student. 

However, none of these are necessarily true! The payoff can be fantastic if you know where to look and how to apply. Let's take a look at four times when it pays to apply for financial aid.

When Your Scholarships Won't Cover Costs

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Maybe you've already earned some scholarships — both need-based and academic ones exist. However, even some of the best scholarships can leave gaps in a student's payments. If you find yourself unable to cover the full cost of college attendance with scholarships, consider applying for grants or loans to supplement. Filling out a FAFSA can open up a whole new realm of opportunities for scholarships and grants, not to mention federal student loans. Coupling these funds with other scholarships can make your dream of college a reality.

When You're Going Back to School as an Adult

Maybe you never had the chance to attend college, or you want to go back and finish a degree that you didn't complete. Did you know that filling out a FAFSA can help you, too? It's true! It's a myth that there's an age limit to FAFSA applications. You can read more about options for adult students on the federal student aid site. Another great perk? You can use this financial aid to help pay for a new computer, child care, and more. Don't let anything stop you from fulfilling your goals.

When You Want to Study Abroad

Many people don't realize that you can still apply for financial aid and federal funds even if you are entering a study abroad program. It's a nuanced situation; you might have to jump through a few extra hoops to make sure that the program is accredited and that you fit the definition of studying-abroad loans versus student loans. Studying abroad will leave you with fascinating new experiences, so don't skip out on a chance to explore the world just because of the cost!

Also, keep in mind that there are funds available for a lot of special opportunities, not just studying abroad. Whatever your situation, do some research and see what's available.

When You Have a Shot at Grants Instead of Loans

Filling out a FAFSA might give you a chance at grants, too, not just student loans. Why is that important? Grants don't have to be repaid! Pell Grants are some of the most common federal grants, given to low-income undergraduate students based on their FAFSA applications. There are also plenty of more specialized grants for specific degree programs, demographics, and more.

As you can see, there are a number of reasons to consider filling out a FAFSA application and looking into financial aid. Don't let money be the reason you don't finish your education! There are so many fantastic opportunities waiting for you.

Employment or salary misfortune

In the event that you or a close relative has lost your activity, you ought to likewise think about engaging your honor.

This can incorporate clear situations, for example, a cutback or lessening in work hours and additionally loss of employment because of detainment or retirement.

This can likewise incorporate the finish of a pay stream, for example, the wage from an investment property, support or court settlement.

Try not to be hesitant to request

When all is said in done, whenever your family's accounts have altogether changed between the time of the duties submitted on the FAFSA and the beginning of the school, you ought to think about engaging your money related guide.

You could open up new budgetary guide alternatives that weren't accessible to you when your honor was ascertained at your higher pay level.

It's imperative that you contact the school's money related guide office whenever you are battling with a financing hole. They can examine your special conditions and give you the customized guidance you have to pay the educational cost charge.

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