4 Statistics Every Content Marketer Needs to Know

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In the last few years, content marketing has gained lots of popularity, thanks to the potential benefits it offers to the entrepreneurs. Content marketing is a critical part of marketing because it involves email marketing, SEO, and social media among others. Quality content drives traffic and conversions. As new trends and new technologies continue to emerge, the form, as well as the function of content, continues to evolve. For instance, the use of video is slowly gaining popularity. This implies if you want to become successful in the world of marketing, you must always strive to stay updated and know where the marketing industry is headed. Otherwise, you'll find it difficult to know what's happening and how to adapt accordingly.

Arguably, using the available statistical data is the best way to know about the current trends. Content marketing statistics can potentially enable you to move in the right direction. Below are five critical content marketing statistics that every content marketer out there must know.

1. The robust content strategy is applied by forty-eight percent of small businesses.

You may have heard a lot of content marketers talking about content strategy, but what does it entail? In simple terms, the content strategy may be defined as the development, planning, production, distribution and the effective management of content. The primary objective of having a content creation strategy is to produce, useful, concise, cohesive, engaging and sustainable content which can potentially attract your business' target audience. Simply jumping into social media and digital marketing at large without establishing an effective content strategy not only results in hollow messaging but jeopardizes your marketing efforts significantly. The same study revealed that 41% of large organizations have a well-documented content strategy. Simply put, having a practical and efficient content marketing strategy eliminates the need for guesswork, the possibility of publishing the wrong content as well as getting lost while creating your articles.

2. The number of mobile phone users is only expected to increase in the next few years.

So, what does this imply? It means that for you to become successful as a content marketer, you need to have a mobile responsive website. It has been proven time and again that today's generation is accustomed to browsing content on mobile phones anytime, anywhere. The popularity of mobile phone usage significantly increased during the last five years and this implies that mobile-centred marketing efforts will only increase with time. To be on the safest side, your website must be highly mobile responsive.

3. Social media remains the most preferred mode for content distribution.

Social media has become an integral part of content marketing thanks to the ease of use it offers. Popular social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest as well as Linkedin have all transformed the way people interact with the world. These platforms are relatively easy to use, are equally cost-effective and guarantee instant success. When correctly used, social media can enable you to build a brand reputation and trust, a phenomenon which results in more loyal customers and increased sales. To achieve this goal, you need the support of marketing enablement software like TruEdit to publish more responsive content and automate the social media marketing processes.

4. According to Orbit Media, only fifty-five percent of content marketers update their old posts.

Publishing a great post on your website is just not enough. You must ensure that similar piece of the article is available for your clients to read on a consistent basis. Any successful content marketer knows that he/she must update his/her blog content regularly thus providing their audience with relevant and up-to-date, useful content. By providing updated posts, you not only enhance your Google rankings, but you also keep your audience eager and wanting more.


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