3 Sure-fire Ways to Improve Your Home Today

Steel kitchen

Every home needs to be improved regularly if its owner wants to keep it in excellent shape at all times. There are a lot of things to do, depending on the final result you want to achieve. Sometimes, fencing the garden or building a patio can increase the value of the home. Anything from replacing the bathroom tiles to repainting the living room will refresh the layout of your home and make it look cosier. I personally have developed two major home improvement projects that were definitely worth it. I did call professional renovation specialists to help me out with that, as I definitely couldn’t handle every aspect on my own. However, here are my top 3 recommendations when it comes to improvement of living space.

Solar Panels

Installing a solar power system might be one of the smartest things you will ever do for your home. Utilising it can reduce your household’s carbon footprint by an average of 35,000 pounds of carbon dioxide per year. Most importantly, they can save you about 112 $ per month on your electricity bill. However, there are some things that you will need to keep in mind before deciding to have your home equipped with such panels. Think about the project length (there could be a couple of days between the time you sign the contract and the actual installation), permit (your municipality has probably set a specific cost regarding this type of projects), additional considerations (your roof needs to receive direct sunlight during the hours, when sun shines the strongest). To illustrate the rising popularity of photovoltaic systems, the number of active installations just in Australia is already more than one and a half million, according to the official data for January 2016. And there is a steady trend for increasing the count of households that benefit from the free solar energy not only Down Under but worldwide.

Deep Cleaning & Decluttering

It is funny how people rediscover their homes after a full house cleaning. Ha-ha. And I am not only talking about removing the dust, vacuuming and mopping. I am talking about a serious clean: disinfecting all areas with special detergents, cleaning the mattresses, steam-cleaning upholstered furniture and so on. Trust me, after a recent visit from people who have the knowledge to deep-clean houses in Melbourne, I totally respect anyone who dedicated their time to learn that. I am pretty sure you too can get rid of many useless things that are only taking up living space. Bonus tip: Just remove anything that is not in use and you will soon feel much better.

Kitchen – King of the Home

Did you know that a modern or renovated kitchen can bump the sale price of the house between 3 to 7 percent? In fact, there are two keywords I would like to bold, which would be essential for a kitchen makeover: stainless steel and quartz countertops. Both are synonyms for high-quality design nowadays. Quartz is already more popular than marble and granite as interior material for upper-class kitchens. And even if it has been known for decades, stainless steel is currently a sign of modern design that tells potential buyers they're looking at an up-to-date cooking corner. If you want to make the kitchen even more sophisticated, you can tile the hard to clean areas around the cook top for easier maintenance. Also, speaking from personal experience, I find it as the perfect decoration to hang some kitchenware on the walls, including cooking pans. The kitchen will look authentic, and at the same time, you can have most of your cooking ware handy.

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