3 Helpful Tips for Adjusting to Life in Western Canada


Canada is a big place. Even a simple trip from one side of the country to the other can feel like a journey to a whole new world. In some ways, that’s exactly what it is.

If you’ve been on the hunt for real estate for sale in Whistler, Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, or anywhere else in Western Canada, here are some helpful tips for making the transition from newbie to native...

Get the Tourism Out of Your System

The best part of visiting somewhere new is discovering all the wonderful, unique things it has to offer. The best part of living somewhere new is realizing that all those wonderful, unique things are in your own backyard.

The Calgary Stampede. The Capilano Suspension Bridge. Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort. Banff National Park. The Royal Alberta Museum. Attractions like these have made Western Canada a popular destination for tourists. But you’re not a tourist anymore. You’re a local.

Want to feel like a local? There’s nothing wrong with being a tourist, but if you really want to adjust to life in Western Canada, it helps to get all that out of your system. In other words, don’t be shy about experiencing all the region has to offer. Get out there and see all the sights you’ve always wanted to see.

Go and Explore the Great Outdoors

With more than 3.8 million square miles of land, Canada is the second largest country in the world. However, its population is roughly 37.7 million, around 249.5 million fewer than the population of the US.

What does that mean? Well, it means lots and lots of unspoiled wilderness for starters. In Western Canada especially, the outdoors is dominated by dense forests, steep mountains, and vast, serene, icy blue lakes.

Take advantage of that. Bond with your family by taking the kids camping. Instead of hitting the gym, get your daily exercise on a hiking trail. Acquainting yourself with Western Canada’s natural landscapes is a great way of getting to know the area, while also enriching your own life.

Introduce Yourself to the Neighbors

Western Canada is known for fostering tightly knit, family-like communities. That can make it intimidating for newcomers who might feel like they’re on the outside looking in. Nevertheless, once you’re on the inside, it means you’ll have a whole lot of new friends watching out for you.

How do you go about making those friends? Simple. Just introduce yourself. As tightly knit as Western Canada’s communities often are, residents in the area also pride themselves on being welcoming and accepting of people of all backgrounds.

Adjusting can be hard, but having a few friendly faces around can make it a lot easier. Your neighbors can also provide helpful suggestions about where to find good takeout or which grocery stores have the best prices. Be open to their advice.

Keep an Open Mind

Canada is home to many different cultural backgrounds, languages and food interests. All of these different opinions reside here, so it’s important to be open about other cultures and peoples ways of life. You’re going to be thrown into a world of so many different cultures and tastes that it can seem overwhelming at first. Respect others' privacy and don’t act out to draw attention to yourself, as yelling and making rude remarks are highly frowned upon.

Food Allergies are Common

A lot of Canadians have some sort of food allergy, whether it be from peanuts, soy, shellfish, milk or eggs. When you meet friends or host a party, it’s important to ask if anyone has allergies beforehand since a lot of Canadians are sensitive to many foods.

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