2021 Hyundai Palisade Review

2021 Hyundai Palisade Review

Hyundai Palisade is a family, roomy, and practical crossover. It is well equipped and well designed to be comfortable, but not so opulent as to seem repulsively expensive. The sales results answer the question of what happened: Palisade immediately became very popular with South Korean buyers and confidently started in the USA.

1. Interior
If outwardly the large Palisade looks rich, then the interior, at the current cost of the crossover, is already balancing on the verge of a psychologically acceptable level. There are enough shortcomings: an expressionless steering wheel, simple analog instruments, a dim climate control display under inexpensive cloudy plastic. The interior is simply devoid of graceful or at least some catchy details, except for the push-button selector for the automatic transmission. But that one, it seems, could be more interesting.

However, it is still pleasant to be behind the wheel of the Palisade. The high seating position and a powerful hood in front of your eyes, large and comfortable mirrors, a solid chair - such decoration creates a special comfort of a large car, where you feel protected. Sound-insulating "double" glasses in the front, which are standard for the crossover in all trim levels, also work for this image.

2. Practicality
An even more important quality for a large car is its spacious interior. Despite the declared triple occupancy, a maximum of two adults will fit into the third row, but they will still have large seats.

The car has enough Cup holders, seven USB ports, and with them - and three-zone climate control with heated seats in the middle row. By default, there will also be a number of other goodies, such as keyless entry and parking sensors, but the Palisade lacks some useful equipment in principle, regardless of the configuration.

3. Technique and reliability
Palisade is built on a stretched platform of the fourth generation pre-styled Santa Fe and has a 135 mm (up to 2900 mm) larger wheelbase with 4980 mm overall length. The suspension is also of the usual scheme: with MacPherson strut in front and a multi-link in the rear, and the drive can be front and full, with the rear axle connected through a multi-plate clutch. No additional off-road tools, except for the three operating modes of the control electronics, are provided.

Diesel is a cast-iron block, a timing chain, hydraulic lifters, and a variable geometry turbine. The gas distribution mechanism requires attention, and often even with a modest mileage, and piezo injectors are capricious to the quality of the fuel.

There is only one gearbox - this is an eight-speed "automatic" made by Hyundai, relatively fresh. And the reviews on it are contradictory. On the one hand, there are cases of warranty repairs or even replacement of the unit, but on the other, often problems, if any, are solved by flashing or regular maintenance. And for most users, this automatic transmission lives in the same way as any modern counterpart, so today its resource is estimated at more than 124 thousand miles.

4. Riding
Worse, with large wheels, the Palisade notices even slight differences in the profile, and carefully informs the driver about all the small things that have been worked out. Probably, the cross will be slightly softer on 18 discs with puffier tires.

However, if absolutely bad roads are not foreseen or you are not particularly sensitive, then you can live with the twenties. The overall feeling of comfort is enhanced by the good noise insulation of the crossover - neither the crackle of a diesel engine nor aerodynamic or other road noise annoys the cabin.

Palisade High-Tech features 20-inch wheels, sunroof and panoramic roof, automatic body leveling system, head-up display, and all available assistants. Even more expensive is the Cosmos version with a three-seater sofa in the second row or two separate armchairs, featuring a special design.

The Bottom Line 
The Palisade is a good choice for those looking for a truly spacious, non-premium crossover with a decent level of comfort. It will not give any particularly vivid emotions, but it will cope with the tasks of a family cab. And it will do it very well. If you’re not sure whether you’re ready to buy this car, you can lease Hyundai and figure out if that’s your option. 

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