16 Incredible Home Cleaning Tips

16 Incredible Home Cleaning Tips

Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend; lost time is never found again. When you've worked a 9-5 shift a day, you come home, you fed the kids, helped them with homework, dealt with bills and emails and office work, the last thing that you want to do is clean!  When it comes to house cleaning speed, the cleaning tips will help you to minimize the time and efforts that everyone needs to know on how to clean your house super fast, especially if you have a surprise visitor coming to your home in an hour. At that moment you need to clean your house as fast as you can and make your house look presentable.

Our homes are places where we can chill, relax, unwind and reset our daily life. No one can relax if their house is messy. We would try to relax because we just don't have the energy to clean the toilet or vacuum the floors after a tiring day and we don't want to work on a weekend as that is the only day to relax. But we don't truly relax until our house is really clean.

So here is the speed cleaning process for a clean and tidy home in half of the time:

1. Make a routine

An organized routine reduces the need to make decisions each day and saves our time Plot out which rooms you'll tackle and when keeping in mind how much time you think it will take to clean.

2. No shoe rule

The second most important tip is no shoe rule at home keep a shoe rack outside the entrance and separate clean slippers strictly for home usage which you should wear outside.

3. Cleaning solutions

Take a tablespoon of vinegar and mix it with a cup of water, and for 5 minutes let it be in the microwave. Every inch of food debris will be coated by the vapor from the boiling solution that makes it easier to wipe away.

4. Cooking tips

Whenever you finish cooking just spray the countertop with the cleaning solution and leave it for ten to fifteen minutes. The resting solution will help to wipe the stain when will you start cleaning it will be a smooth task without much effort and scrubbing while peeling veggies or fruits collect waste directly on a plate or bin.

5. Make smart plans

Make a wise plan while cleaning. Take a dustbin aside in such a way that all the trash we would collect from the surrounding can be put in that bin. So that whenever we clean the surfaces, we don't have to think twice about where we will collect them.

6. Learn to tackle

Tackle the big things like clutch and bed. Make your bed as fast as you possibly can simply place the comforter and place it at the bottom of your bed.

7. Handy tools

Use a handy vacuum cleaner for cleaning the clutch floor mat and closet and mop all the hard floors.

8. Cleaning tips

Just spray the cleaner inside the toilet mirrors of bathroom rub and rinse no scrubbing required. One should wipe down the hard surfaces of the whole house starting from countertops to telephones. All the surfaces should be clean properly so that people would not be infected by germs.

9. Use of gloves

Use microfiber gloves to ease our dusting efforts. We can clean mirrors and glasses windows by using this. Unlike other dusters, microfiber cloths actually grab dust rather than push it around but use damp clothes to wipe down furniture, dining table, and chairs.

10. Washing tips

Use baking soda and vinegar to wash your sink hand wash anything left in the sink place a floor mat under the sink areas of the home.

11. Clean the whole house at once

Cleaning is more efficient if you clean the whole house at once and do one task at a time. Like if you choose to dust, clean the whole house and then do the other tasks. This will prevent you from feeling like you are repeating the tasks.

12. Gather and carry the tools while cleaning

One can use a bucket, having everything you need to clean in one portable place makes it much easier to get the job done.

13. Cleaning process must be a group activity

Cleaning should be a team effort; it would make it easier and faster to clean the house. Make a time chart and assign tasks to all the family members. This would make it more fun and less time-consuming and would also save efforts.

14. Use cleaning hacks

Cleaning hacks would make it easier to clean the house. Some of the cleaning hacks are:

  • Use vodka to remove carpet stains
  • Use lemons to detox the garbage disposal
  • Use olive oil for buff surfaces
  • Use shaving cream to remove water stains from tables
  • Clean tubs and toilets with baking soda and vinegar paste
  • Get sparkling toilets to use essential oils
  • Steam lemon oil to clean microwaves

15.Cleaning taps

If the mineral deposits have stained your taps and showers, do not clean them with brushes or pads. Rather use white vinegar. It would make it easier to clean the tap and make it sparkle.

16. Clean the surfaces that carry most germs

A few surfaces in your home are prime sites or places for germs activity because they are continuously being touched by lots of different hands. Wiping them down with a disinfectant will reduce the risk of getting infected and ill. Examples of these types of surfaces are:

  • Doorknobs
  • Mobile phones
  • Television Remotes
  • Computer keyboards

Maintaining a clean home environment is a little tiring and hateful at first, but you need to make just a few little changes to your house cleaning routine for making a big difference to your family's health. Use Dettol Disinfectant Multi-Use Hygiene Liquid for expert protection against 100 germs that can cause illness. It can be used on all kinds of surfaces in your home to control and protect you and your family from infection.

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