15 Daily Life Superheroes You Should Thank Right Now

In comic books, movies and games a superhero is a character who possesses superhuman talents. He uses these extraordinary abilities to bring peace and justice, help humanity fight crime and rid the world of the forces of evil.

In our world, or in other words what we call “Real Life”, one needs not have supernatural powers to be considered a “hero”. Anyone that helps you in a way can be the saviour of your day. I love you, mom.

The following is a list of superheroes we see in our lives on a daily basis. We might not meet them every day or ever but we have them in our hearts.

1. Mom and Dad

Your greatest heroes, no doubt. They gave you life, raised you, loved you, fed you, educated you, financed you. Yes, they were mean at times and grounded you but it’s for your own good. Denying too much spoils taught you that things in life must be earned.

Remember when you were a teenager? The time when you thought the world was yours for the taking, that you were the king, you followed no orders, you did what you wanted, no matter how other people felt around you? Super-mom and Super-dad defeated this foul corruption and helped you become a better person.

Even if you were a kind kid and not a rebellious teenager, you must have done something bad at some point in your life where you offended your parents. Your heroes need to be rewarded. It’s not too late to apologise, don’t agree with One Republic on this.

2. Music Artists

Your favourite singer/band is probably the truest messiah when it comes to emotions of all sorts. With inspiration, philosophy, positivity and spirituality they just make you forget about all the problems and give you a peace of mind. Oh yes, and you save money from psychiatrists.

Of course different musical genres influence you in many ways. For example most Rap and Heavy Metal artists tell you to never give up, that you are not alone out there. They teach you the importance of friendship, morale, strength, unity.

Pop songs bring a tone of additional happiness in your life with simple lyrics and catchy tunes. Partying is important to one’s existence, right? Naturally. Same goes for techno music.

3. Friends

Those who are always there for you, watch your back, support you and comfort you when you have a bad day. Those you have fun with, go out, laugh, get drinks, play games, travel… you name it.

Friends are always close to you in good and bad times. The advices they give you are priceless and come from the heart. If you have a problem you can always call your buddies and they will come to your aid to save the day.

4. Actor

Natural role models, most actors have really interesting biographies and lifestyles. They are multitalented and inspirational. Actors attend social events, and support different causes and donate to charity.

A brilliant example of a personal hero or a role model is Leonardo DiCaprio. Countless hours have been spent on watching and rewatching his great movies. Despite all the miracles he has done on- and off-screen, he still hasn’t received an Oscar award. That doesn’t stop him to continue acting though. If that’s not a hero, I don’t know who is.

5. Writer/Author

Pretty much the same as the actor, except that he casts his magic on paper or your PC monitor. He creates new worlds and adventures that consume you. A temporary escape from reality, you can wander in his realms for hours or days.

Authors often write books, stories and articles based on personal experience. If you have chosen a prefered writer you probably share the same characteristic profile with him. And what better way to seek help than to reach out to your soul mate?

6. Teacher

The one that taught you valuable lessons in life, kept helping you evaluate as a person. Not to mention all the things you learned about science, literature, art and maths.

He is always ready to answer all your questions. The title “superhero” probably doesn’t suit him as much as “Super-mentor” does.

7. Doctor

The one responsible for your medical condition. Skilled in the art of healing he chooses the safest and healthiest ways to cure your ills. You can summon him at any time if you feel sick and he will heed your call.

8. ISP

The people who helped you establish a connection with the world. Considering the fact that almost everybody in the world uses Internet, your ISP takes a huge role in the salvation of your daily life.

cable guy

Cable guy anyone? 

9. Handyman

When you can’t fix something at home on your own you call your local handyman to the rescue. These trained men-of-all-work have all the necessary skills and tools to repair all your damages. From plumbing and painting jobs to electrician work, he’s got you covered.  

Although this superhero doesn’t get the recognition he deserves, people need his assistance. There are some things which better be left to professionals for inspection and resolve. You might get electrocuted by the cable hanging from the switch or flooded by that clogged pipe.

10. Shop Owner

Your personal supplier at the local store. This guy always has what you need, you can even make recommendations, and you know what? No problem, he’ll order what you need right away.

Shopkeeper will also advise you on what’s worth buying and why, the quality of the products he sells.

11. Dog

He is more of a sidekick because he is always by your side. He is loyal and will never hurt your feelings. Dogs are also sentries for your property. Surveillance cameras are not needed when your sidekicks are around.

You can also come up with a super cool hero name for your pet like “Pawfury” for example. This will certainly attract girls. But let’s stick to the topic.

Have you noticed how your dog barks at other people? That’s because he wants to protect you, to keep you safe and sound.

“No harm will ever come to You, Master, when I’m around!”

- Dog

12. Police Officer

When you ask a little kid what it wants to become when it grows up, one of the most common answers is a policeman. That’s because cops sacrifice their lives every day so that we can feel safe. They are true crime fighters and heroes.

13. Politician

Ok, a little joke here. Most of them are villains who seek personal benefit while others are suffering the consequences of their actions. System malfunction.

However there still might be an honest politician, but the corrupted ones will exclude him fast or convert him to the dark side of the force.

14. Athlete

Teaching us that nothing is impossible to achieve. With effort comes success. Never give up.

You surely have favourite athletes to draw inspiration from. Notice how they fight their way to the top of the world rankings.

15. Taxi Driver

If you are running late for a meeting or too tired to walk, call your favourite taxi driver - your transportation service hero. He knows the quickest routes to your desired destination and doesn’t rip you off.


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