13 Dentists You Will Find In Top Rated Movies of All Time

Just like the dentist in real world, offers dental treatments, the same way the dental industry has left a mark in hollywood by offering dentistry roles to the lead characters of movies. Here are some of the top rating movies with best dentist playing fundamental roles which made a mark in the all-time favourite movies that they participated in:

The Dentist – 1932

The Dentist is a short film by Leslie Pearce. Released in 1932, where WC Fields play the role of an inexperienced dentist that treats patients without any painkillers. One scene that made a mark is where a seeming wrestling match is shown as dentist attempts a rather painful tooth extraction.

The Man Who Knew Too Much – 1934

Alfred Hitchcock is popular for his ‘dark’ and morbid movies. If you like happy endings, Hitchcock’s movies are not one of them. In a famous dentist scene, one blunder was in fact made as it was originally meant to be shot at a barber shop. But, Hitchcock saw the I Am A Fugitive from the Chain Gang, that he changed everything to feature a dental surgery.

Marathon Man - 1976

This movie features the most famous and scary screen dentist of all. This is a John Schlesinger's countless edge of the seat thriller that made popular the phrase “Is it safe?”

Little Shop of Horrors – 1986

This comedy horror musical is a popular movie and of course, it is where Steve Martin stole the entire show as he is featured as an evil mangler of teeth and was incredibly named as Orin Orin Scrivello.

Eversmile, New Jersey - 1989

The Eversmile, New Jersey is a British-Argentine comedy drama movie with profound lines and script. In the film, one role that made a mark is the itinerant dentist Fergus O'Connell who offers dental services pro bono in the Argentina rural area.

Ghost Town - 2008

Bertram Pincus played the misanthropic family dentist with an unusual condition – he is the sole person in New York city that is able to speak to the ghosts haunting NY city. This is a comic but highly amusing movie, with stints much like the Harold Ramis's Groundhog Day and Dickens’s A Christmas Carol.

The Whole Nine Yards – 2000

The Whole Nine Yards is a film by genius Jonathan Lynn. The movie is a comedy, so expect laughter non-stop! Matthew Perry is featured as a debt-ridden dentist who later on learns that his next door neighbour is a wanted mafia hitman, and he plans on telling the authorities his whereabouts in exchange for the bounty.

Novocaine – 2002

In 2002, David Atkins made the film Novocaine. This thriller features Steve Martin, a dentist. He stars with fellow actor Frank Sangster a man who is running a very successful LA practice which was later on ruined as he had a tryst with a lady patient played by actress Helena Bonham Carter. A thriller with dentists is the selling pitch of Novocaine.

The Secret Lives of Dentists – 2002

Alan Rudolph was fascinated with dentists and so he created the movie The Secret Lives of Dentists in 2002. A married couple both dentists have three young daughters whose lives were shattered by the untimely discovery that the husband is having an extramarital affair. The result is a tasteful drama. It is an adaptation of the novel The Age of Grief, authored by Jane Smiley.

Finding Nemo - 2003

The famous animated movie ‘Finding Nemo’ was shown in 2003. The kids were all in awe with the colourful underwater scenery and magical animation. One particular scene that made a mark is at the dentist’s office where it is featured as a seemingly horrifying place to-be-at for anyone, especially for Nemo who finds himself stuck in a dentist’s office aquarium.

Thumbsucker – 2005

This is a Mike Mills movie featuring Keanu Reeves a dentist who has a penchant for metaphysics.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – 2005

Who does not know of Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? In the movie, Willy Wonka’s father was a dentist, but poor young Willy never stood a chance. He was despised and unloved. Poor Willy…

Inherent Vice  - 2014

Meet the coke addicted dentist - Dr Rudy Blatnoyd. This is a movie by Paul Thomas Anderson, which is also an adaptation of the best-selling novel by Thomas Pynchon.

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