5 Important Benefits of Recreating the Cinema Experience at Home

5 Important Benefits of Recreating the Cinema Experience at Home

‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’ You must have come across this proverb before. It is an apt reflection of the typical human behavior, and a depiction of their innate tendency to balance things out. An over-worked soul looks for refreshment. It’s pretty natural. Since time immemorial, people have found ingenious ways of bringing this element of ‘play’ into their lives. The earlier caveman told stories around the bonfire, painting them on the walls for visual enhancement. Similarly, the ancient Greeks dedicated particular days in a year for drama festivals, where all the free citizens were invited to undergo a catharsis, which is a collective release of pent-up frustration.

Frustration. Can you feel the stress oozing out of this word and settling on your shoulders? It’s something you feel when you’re stuck in a traffic jam for over two hours. It’s something that comes up each night when you head back home from your workplace, tired to your very bones. And it’s something which is more prevalent than ever before in the millennials, driving them towards stimulating diversions. One of the most famous sources of entertainment these days are the movies. Heading out with your friends and family to the nearest cinema sounds simply delightful. The ticket booth and the steaming popcorns, echoes of laughter and the sounds of sobbing, the large HD screen, and the smashing sound effects are all parts of today’s cinema experience.  

But who has the time? It’s becoming difficult to come up with plans and even more to stick to them. The workload is way too much, the daily schedule way too tight. To properly organize a get together sounds taxing. What you can do is save your time, money and fuel by recreating the cinema experience at home. This way you can watch a movie any time you want to, with anyone you want to and in any lazy form you wish to. There are numerous advantages to setting up a home theatre, some of them are stated below:


Suppose, you’ve been waiting on a Wes Anderson film for a long time, and when it finally hit the theatres, you go out of your way to book a spot. However, when you come out of the hall, you’re more pissed than ever. Certain elements have contributed to the ruining of your movie experience. The noisy crowd, the sneaky plot-revealers, the mid-movie callers, and not to mention, the crying babies. None of this would have happened if you had watched the movie at home, over your Spectrum cable connection or some such streaming service you’ve subscribed to. A cinema is essentially a public experience, which is frequented by all sorts of the crowd, some of which you may not even agree with. Thus, if privacy is what you’re looking for, then set up a theatre at home. 

Set up:

Ambiance matters a lot when it comes to creating a perfect movie experience. I’ve heard a lot of people coming out of the theatre dissatisfied just because they did not get the right seats. It affected their viewing angle to a great degree. Plus, there is a constant war between people who sit with each other over arm-rests. Now, with a home theatre, the seating would never be an issue. Just drag your favorite couch in front of your HDTV and place it in a perfect spot. The plush cushioning and the blanket will make your experience truly great.


Going to the cinema, again and again, is sure to put a toll on your monthly budget. The movie tickets add up to a considerable amount, which not everyone can afford. Plus, the snacks they sell at the cinema are not-so-cheap either. This would not be an issue in a home theatre setup. One, you can watch any movie you want at any time without having to pay for tickets. Two, with the kitchen, literally being steps away from your room, you can have a full hearty meal to go with your movie. 


With the home-theatre system installed in your entertainment room, you can do so many things, other than watching movies solely. You can call your friends over and have a video game marathon. Playing ‘Resident Evil 7’ on a big screen, with tallboy speakers giving the sensation of surround sound, is an experience of its own.

Value Addition:

Having an entertainment room in your house adds a significant value to it, retail wise. Potential buyers who would come to look at your house would pay better if it has such a haven in it. Not only that, it would attract visitors to your house and fill it with a levity of its own.

So, do you see the advantages a home cinema system has? It saves time, money, resources and serves more than one purposes. Just get your hands on a good screen, a good sound system and you’ll be able to recreate the theatre experience.

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