12 Tips for a Perfect Cozy Look of Your Home

12 Tips for a Perfect Cozy Look of Your Home

Feeling calm and relaxed is essential for any human being, especially these days when we feel stressed at work and in many other daily situations. Keeping our home cozy and inviting is one way to control how we feel and how we deal with these difficult situations. You don’t need a complete makeover of your home to make it feel cozy. There are things you can do to adjust a little bit of what you already have or to make small changes and improvements. Let’s mention some of the most valuable suggestions on how to make your home cozy.

Play with the lighting to create warmth

The lighting is very important for the overall ambiance of your home. The ambiance can seem warm or cold and the lighting decides which one of those two it is going to be. We suggest no harsh lighting in places where you want to be comfortable and warmed up. The visual effect of any strong and harsh lighting will make you feel as if you were in the pharmacy and not in your living room. The idea is to make some focal points lighted and to have discreet lighting in other places of your home. That discrete lighting can come from table lamps and that gives you more opportunities to decorate your space since lamps come in different designs. Neon tubes should be avoided unless you need them for your home office or any space you want to look more cold and professional.

Place candles around your living room

Talking about discrete lighting, what can be better than candles? They give a natural and warm glow and they come with different scents, an additional benefit they bring. This is a really easy and affordable way to solve two issues, the lighting, and the scent. The opportunities are endless since you can place the candles on different spots to enhance those spots in particular. You can buy different sizes and colors depending on the rest of the colors in your home and make a wonderful and practical decoration.

Add greenery to enhance healthy and natural ambiance

Plants are living beings so it is logical they bring liveliness to your home. The green is a color very easy on the eye and other than being visually pleasing, the greenery will make your eyes rest after a long day at work. Greenery brings freshness into your home and some fresh air as well. Make sure to pick the best indoor plants for your place. You can use different kinds of pots to house those plants and to play with colors and designs. Some clay pots can add texture and a natural look to your home. Terracotta or brass have warm tones as well. Some people place the pots into woven baskets made of bamboo or seagrass. Greenery by no means excludes flowers. Whether you want to cultivate flowering plants or you just want to have flower bouquets in your house, the flowers will add color and liveliness.

Use rugs and texture to enhance the comfort

A layered structure feels more comfortable. When it comes to interior design, placing carpets, rugs, or mats between the floor and your feet will literally make you warmer but will also visually create the feeling of homeliness. These items are not only meant for your bedroom or living room, they can be placed in your bathroom as well, just be careful to clean them frequently enough. Bathrooms are usually related to colder tones and a fluffy mat can add some texture and coziness to that. For your living room, there are knitted scarfs or blankets, linen for your bedroom, faux leather or fur for the sofa, etc. Don't make everything plain. Throws are an excellent choice for some extra coziness, especially if they are made of cashmere or cotton. They are also practical on winter days because you can curl up on your sofa and read or watch TV.

Pile on the cushions

Accent pillows are a decorative element but they are extremely cozy too. If you want people to be instantly attracted to your home and comfortable spending time in it, then soft pillows are the easiest way. It isn’t so important how you are going to place them, they should look a little bit messy to create some natural charm and personality. Pick different couch cushions and not just several ones of the same design. They can all be beige with one of the dark brown or orange as a statement item. Also, don't make them just two or three, make them four at least so you can pile them up.

Opt for comfortable furniture

People have different tastes when it comes to furniture and home decor generally. You might like simple white or black sofas and armchairs and that's fine. However, this type of furniture can acquire a monotonous look over time and not be too inviting. If your sofa is pristine and not so cozy, you don't have to rush to replace it. Just add some other items close to it, such as ottomans, poufs, and recliners. Add some blankets and cushions life we previously mentioned, and you will make it look completely different and more approachable.

Set up a bookshelf with organized books

Books can add a personal touch to any space. Whether you want to place your bookshelf in the living room or your bedroom. You can have several small bookshelves all over the house. It is recommended to have some practical coffee tables or nightstands where you can keep some books too or you can set some floating wall shelves that can also spare some space. Book covers come in different colors so books generally add color to any space without making it tacky. If you have one larger and centric bookshelf you can add some personal items other than books, such as souvenirs from your trips or a couple of small pots with plants. It would be wonderful if you had a fireplace as well and placed your bookshelf close to it.

Use wood accents

The color of the wood is warm whether it is light or dark wood. It can give a rustic, natural, and warm charm to any place. You can use it for wall art, like wooden frames for your paintings, or floor materials. This is pretty common in many houses and the material itself is very versatile. Furniture and accessories can be made of wood or materials that resemble them. This style never gets old, so it's pretty practical as well since you won't have to renovate in a while. In case you want to accentuate wood, even more, opt for wooden wall panels in the whole room or only one statement wall. A wooden bathroom is another excellent choice since it can make your bathroom feel more comfortable and warm.

Combine curtains with the color of the walls

Curtains can be big and lavish or more discrete and transparent. Pick those that combine well with the overall look of your home and your personal preference. They should combine well with the color of the walls and generally not be too dense or dark unless you want to create a dramatic effect. Pay attention to the wall art as well. Curtains can adorn your walls, but they can still look plain if there are no paintings. Paintings or framed personal photos displayed on your walls can add a huge personal touch to the whole place.

Make your home smell nice

We mentioned the importance of the scent when it talked about candles. A nice scent is a big mood lifter. Almost every home has its scent and you have probably already noticed that. Make sure your home's scent is warm, coziness inspiring, and pleasant. Vanilla and cinnamon are great for colder periods while something more floral and fresh can be used in the summer. Essential oils also smell wonderful and have a calming effect so they make a good choice when it comes to dealing with some dry air in your home.

Clean everything up

Clutter is bad in many ways. It can pile up and make your home look dirty, disorganized, and messy. You shouldn't be too obsessed with cleaning every day, but you should reduce the clutter to the minimum. This doesn't involve those blankets and cushions that create that lovely and messy look. We are talking about cleaning the main surfaces like kitchen tables, accidental spills, vacuum cleaning, coffee table stains, etc. It is easy to do all this once you create a small routine and stick to it daily.

Add some background music

Not only are the scent and visual effects important, but also your other senses. Some nice melody in the background can make you feel relaxed just like colors and scents do. Choose some soothing background melody and play it in your home. This can create an intimate ambiance. Choose the sounds that make you happy and relaxed. Many people like the sounds of rain or beach waves. Another good one is the sound of a crackling fire in the fireplace. You can look for this on YouTube or other platforms you use for listening to music.

On winter days, the coziness of our home becomes even more important since we tend to spend more time indoors. Make sure you increase the comfort to the maximum and follow these easy decoration tips. Indulge all of your senses with soothing colors, sounds, and scents and have your peaceful place far from the hectic city crowd.

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