12 Tips to Know About How to Arrange Wall Art

12 Tips to Know About How to Arrange Wall Art

If you want to decorate your home, you must have a couple of artworks. And, a house not having any artwork is incomplete. Indeed, hanging those arts can be daunting. But the result will be fruitful. You will be able to admire your favorite artworks every day.

So, it is time for you to put up some craft on those blank walls. In this article, we are going to share tips for arranging wall art for your house with perfection.

There is nothing to rush:

Invest time while planning out the arrangements. It can be difficult to visualize how your artwork combination will look on the walls. So, it is better to make use of a computer program for laying out your piece. Or you may sketch it out on graph paper.

You can rearrange your favorite art pieces on the floor to understand how they will look on the wall. After finishing it, cut out papers the same as the size of the art pieces. And then, fix them on the wall. It will help you to visualize the eventual result. Also, it is an easy method for measuring when you start to hang them.

Get hold of the accurate equipment:

Now, you will have to grab the correct equipment. Getting ready with the nails and a hammer may not be enough. You will need two tools to hang your art- an electric level and a stud finder for weighty pieces.

Make sure that you are using appropriate mounting hardware. Do not overdo things with heavy-duty sheetrock nails when it is not significant. It may make the holes bigger and more visible to everyone.


Focus on spaces, and make sure that everything has the needful spaces. Keep at least 4-inches of space between the frames. Less space than this will make your art pieces look stuffed or crowded.

Moreover, when you place your art closely, all the imperfections become more visible. So, maintain a perfect level while hanging the art pieces on the walls.

Maintain creativity:

When it is about artwork, you must think of something outside the box while displaying it. Blend the artifacts and art along a wall while maintaining accuracy. You may also turn the corner. All these will offer a movement sense across the space.

With unique groupings and placements, you can capture the eyesight of a visitor or guest. A perfect place becomes an extra component that elevates almost any space.

Allow your arts to shine:

You need to be choosy when you want to arrange wall art pieces in your home. You need to start with your most favorite piece while arranging your wall art.

Put your focus on the proportion and scale. Understand what your eyes want to see in the first place.

Make use of various styles of frames:

If you choose a similar kind of frame, it will look boring and dull. So, choose various styles of frames. In short, mix and match your frames.

Most modern houses have various types of finishes. So, the best idea is to hang everything you love without worrying. Because in the end, everything will come together.

Do not be skimpy about size:

You must not skimp on the size of the art. Keep the width of the art at least 50% of the object below it. Understand that, go for bigger when it is about displaying an artwork. It works out most of the time.

For example, if your art piece is bigger than the sofa that is below it, keep it like that. If you want, you can layer a few other objects on both sides of the sofa. It will balance the width. You may add a pedestal or end table with a sculpture or plant.

Fix a reasonable budget:

It makes no sense to spend more than you need to create a worthy setup of art pieces. If you are unable to find some large pieces, you can group your art pieces together.

And if you think they are not matching, they become artistic and get a solid focal point.

Lighting is important:

When you are choosing an artwork, make sure that you have the necessary amount of lighting. You can highlight your art pieces with some sconces or picture lights.

Make sure that wherever you are putting your art does not have any large ceiling fixtures. This will obstruct the light of sight to the artworks. So, avoid putting your artwork on walls that lack proper lighting.

Hang your artworks across your home:

Do not overlook the unobvious rooms while hanging up the frames of your arts. You must add the artworks even in the most unusual rooms and places. You can hang your favorite wall art even in the washroom, laundry room, and walk-in closet.

It makes no sense to leave the unusual places dull. So, add artworks over those places as well. So, the next time you visit those rooms, you will have a smile on your face.

Stay judicious:

When it comes to displaying your favorite art, do not become judicious. While arranging wall art for your room, allow one to take the central stage. And let the other artworks of the room play the role of supporting characters.

For example, you may have a beautiful piece of art above your sofa. And in that case, do not put huge arts at the opposite wall. People might find it confusing.

Consider the color of the wall:

While hanging your artwork, keep in mind the color of the wall. Wall color plays a crucial role in establishing a neat backdrop for your artwork.

Choose a neutral and clean color. Choose the colors that do not have undertones. It will allow the art to be the primary focus.


When you choose artwork, you need to make sure that everything is picture-perfect. Right from choosing the right frames, wall colors up to a place, everything must be on-point. When you focus on artworks, it enhances the elegance of your house. You may consider custom canvas prints. You can easily customize them according to your will. It is better to put such artworks in the living rooms.

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