12 Ideal Apps That Will Help Android App Developers In Development Projects

Android Apps Developers

If you want to become an expert developer, you will have to focus more on coding. There is no doubt that online e-books, blogs, etc. can help you out with the theoretical skills but what about the practical? So here is something we have that helps you out to create a profound and completely dynamic project where the whole app with all its resources is right here in front of you.


What do you have to do? You need to read and understand the coding part. In this article, we will show you the top open-source Android apps that will make the development process easy for Android app developers.


1. LeafPic

Difficulty level: Beginner

Github  Link: https://github.com/HoraApps/LeafPic

It is one of the excellent and simple open-source gallery apps for the android app developer novices. The amazing thing about the LeafPic app is that dynamic theming is used here.


2. Simple Calendar

Difficulty level: Beginner

Github  Link: https://github.com/SimpleMobileTools/Simple-Calendar

If you want to learn the new language Kotlin for developing apps? Then this simple-to-use app that is wholly built using Kotlin is the best method to begin. You can make customized desktop widgets with it.


3. Amaze File Manager

Difficulty level: Intermediate

Github  Link: https://github.com/TeamAmaze/AmazeFileManager

Creating a File Manager app may seem simple initially. But when you start building it, you will discover the difficulties in setting it perfectly all over the different android devices and platforms. The android app developers can learn about how to handle files on SD cards.


4. Easy Sound Recorder

Difficulty level: Beginner

Github  Link: https://github.com/dkim0419/SoundRecorder

If you want to start with an audio recording and alteration then, I will prefer to t use this amazing project for android. It has only one single activity and is easy to understand as well. Experienced Android app developers and even beginners could learn the material design basics.


5. MLManager

Difficulty level: Beginner

Github  Link: https://github.com/javiersantos/MLManager

MLManager is for you if you want to check out the list of installed apps on your android device, extract APKfiles from those apps or uninstall them, and even more. The code used in this app is perfect, and from that, you will learn easily.


6. PhotoAffix

Difficulty level: Beginner

Github  Link:  https://github.com/afollestad/photo-affix

This remarkable android app is used to sew pictures vertically or horizontally. Their coding is of supreme quality, and the android app developers will quickly learn out how to make accessible, useful, and functional custom views.


7. AnExplorer

Difficulty level: Intermediate

Github  Link: https://github.com/1hakr/AnExplorer

It is the secure file manager that consumes less memory which is designed to be used on tablets and smartphones as well. You will learn many things about the project like root management,  custom views, loaders, and file handling, etc.


8. Timber

Difficulty level: Advanced

Github  Link: https://github.com/naman14/Timber

Want to create your music player app for the android platform? Then, this project is perfect for you. Timber is a well-defined and music player. For a novice, it becomes impossible to learn everything at an advanced level, but in the case of an experienced one, it could be an interesting one.


9. Super Clean Master

Difficulty level:  Advanced

Github Link: https://github.com/joyoyao/superCleanMaster

What do you do when you have a lot of junk files on your android device. Obviously, you will use some cleaning app like that of the most famous Clean master or DU Speed Booster. This app washes up the unnecessary files and data entirely, but it seems to be a little complex for the android app developers that are novices.


10. Travel Mate

Difficulty level: Intermediate

Github Link: https://github.com/Swati4star/Travel-Mate

Are you planning to create an app based on travel? Then, this project is right, to begin with. But to create this app, you have to depend on Google maps mostly.


11. Turbo Editor

Difficulty level: Intermediate

Github Link: https://github.com/vmihalachi/turbo-editor

It is the most robust text editor app. You can easily use it to write the code. This Turbo Editor app supports highlighting the syntax of the diverse programming languages.


12. InstaMaterial

Difficulty level: Beginner

Github Link: https://github.com/frogermcs/InstaMaterial

If the Android apps developers especially the beginners to the Android app development want to improve their design skills, then this app is just for you. In the InstaMaterial app, you will find a multitude of animations, Material design elements, and transitions that you can directly implement in your project too. This app is just like an 'Instagram app.'

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