10 Tips to Get Settled Into a New Home After a Move

move to new home

Congratulations on moving to your new home and finishing your moving list.

You may feel overwhelmed seeing the number of boxes lying around you.

Maybe thinking about how you will get your stuff into places gives you stress.

We know that you already had to consider so many things when trying to fulfill the settling process and now dealing with the unpacking process is again a daunting task.

But it doesn't have to be that way, the way you start to settle down things after moving into a new house makes a lot of difference.

The major things include:

  • Getting familiar with your new house
  • Knowing how it functions
  • Prioritizing the unpacking works

To get everything right, the important lesson is to start your work as soon as you move-in rather than waiting for time to figure it out for later.

Let’s discuss some more important things that you need to ensure as you are settling in your home. 

1) Double Check the Safety Features of your Home

The first thing is to change the lock of the outside door as soon as you move.

If you haven’t bought the property and just rented it, then take permission beforehand from your property manager or landlord.

This is an important step for your safety as you don’t know how many people might have spare keys for the lock.

Next, if your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are just working fine.

Give a check to the fire extinguisher to see if it is filled. Last but not the least, check where the water shut-off and circuit breaker are placed to stay safe at the time of any kind of emergency. 

2) Inform your utility and service providers about the New Address

The changing address doesn’t just mean changing the house. You need to update the official documents as well.

Post moving out, inform your bank about the new address and update the personal information. Just in case you have moved out of state or countries, you need to inform more places like vehicle registration and change the plates. Some of the places where you need to update your new address are:

  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Cable
  • Water
  • Internet
  • Phone

You can either transfer these utilities to your new address or stop the supply otherwise you will be charged for services that you haven’t availed. 

3. Give your Home a Deep Clean before Unpacking

Of Course, we assume that your new home is cleaned before you have moved-in but it’s always a good idea to go for a cleaning. You don’t have to call a company to do that for you, all you need to do is set cleaning supplies aside.

Try to keep disinfectant wipes, scrubber, wet mop in your essential bag to clean your new address. Start from your bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, and guest room before unpacking.

This should be done beforehand because it is difficult to scrub after the furniture has been put in place. 

4. Open your Packing Boxes based on Priority

Keep in mind, you don’t need to unpack all your first on the very first day of your move. Start setting up with your bedroom so you can rest at night after the hectic moving day.

Remember to unpack some of your kids and pet favorite toys so that they can get familiar with the new place while you can set up the house. 

Come to the kitchen next because you never know at what time your kid may ask for something to eat and you can’t keep ordering from the restaurant.

When you are cleaning the kitchen, take out the appliances and things that you would need the next day in the morning like frying pan, coffee makers, napkins, mugs plates, and rest of the kitchen items can stay in the boxes. 

Finally comes the bathroom, unpack your mats, shower curtain, and toiletries. Here you don’t have to do much, just put some towels and you are all set for the next day of your move. Now you can go and sleep and wake up the next morning to take the shower at your new place. 

5. Maintain a Track of your Paperwork

Maintain a folder for bills, paperwork, and receipt. Keeping them safely can help you manage them in a better way as you might need them to file a tax return.

And this also reminds us of telling you to change the address at the post office if you haven’t done it yet. Some other places where you should update the new address are insurance providers and offices.

Go to a local pediatrician and register your kids there and ask your previous doctor to transfer your medical records to the new place. 

6. Keep Unpacking your Items

 Try to unpack based on the room.

This way you can stay quick and focused as opening too many boxes can become overwhelmed. If you have the privilege, then allot a single room to each family member, so the entire burden does not lie on one member of the family. 

7. Make it your Home

Certain things can help you make a new house look like a home. These things include favorite vases, children’s artwork, vacation photos, paintings, and prized books.

Take some time out of your busy schedule to arrange these things to make it feel like your home and kids can also get familiar with it. You can also start cooking the favorite food of your family and eat with them to feel stuck together. 

8. Get started with your routine

Children and pets find it hard to adjust to the new surroundings.

Getting back to your routine sooner will help it easier for children and pets to get into the lifestyle. Get your kids registered to the new soon as they have something new every morning. 

9. Time to have a look around your neighborhood

Go and talk to your new neighbors and other people in your new surroundings.

Ask them about the local events that happen around and any local newspaper here you need to subscribe to.

The best way to interact with your neighbors is by taking your kids to the park where both you and your kid can make new friends. 

10. Time for Party 

The work does not end here after you have interacted with your neighbors. It’s time to throw a party for them and have some fun with them. 

Follow these house moving tips to settle down with ease in your new place.

Let us know if you have followed the above-discussed tips and it has helped you in getting settled faster and easier.

Lastly, it's the new beginning for you and we suggest making the most of it. 

All the best for your move. 

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