10 Tips for Better Spray Painting

Spray Painting Photo

1. Use ventilation and a spray paint mask

Make sure you either paint outdoors or use adequate ventilation. You can use fans, a dust collector, spray booth or other solution. Make sure not to use anything with a motor that can ignite a spark! Spray paint vapors can be flammable!

The mask should have organic vapor cartridges.

2. Choose water-based spray paint if possible!

There are several great water-based non-toxic options for spray paint. If you spray paint frequently or in a space without adequate ventilation, this is a must.

3. Prepare your space

Cover anything that can be damaged with dust cloths. Test fans to make sure that they will remove dust from the room. You can use a stick of incense to simulate the vapor. Open all doors and windows. If you can paint the object outdoors, set up out side! Shake all your cans and make sure you have some way of knowing what colors they are so you don't make a mistake. Find a way to place the object you want to paint at a convenient level. Consider a table or box to support it. If you have a turntable, that can be useful to reach all parts of the object.

4. Practice with the spray can

It's surprisingly difficult to spray a can the first time you use it. If you've never done spray painting before, practice making even strokes on a piece of paper.

Here is a video to show you a bit more about even strokes.



5. Test each can before using it.

Some spray paint, when old, or cold can spatter or clog. If possible have extra nozzles available for your cans in case of clogging. If the temperature is chilly, consider a pan of warm water to place your cans in. This will prevent spattering and clogging in lower temperatures.

6. Learn some spray paint art effects

There are wonderful textures that you can do with spray paint art using newspaper, plastic bags, plates, and more. You can get a free lesson at www.spraypaintartsecrets.com when you fill in the form with your email.

These textures can add a lot to your painting project!

7. Prime and prepare your surfaces

If you are painting a wall, make sure it's smooth, sealed and painted. If you are re-vamping old furniture, you may want to sand it or prime it before painting it. If you are painting a canvas, you can use a combination of gesso and acrylic gloss to seal it for spray painting.

8. Make sure your gloss paint matches your colors.

Sometimes when you want your final project to have a gloss or shiny coating, you will want a gloss top coat. This can either be a spray paint or a paint you apply with a brush. There is always a danger that the chemicals in the 2 kinds of paint may not combine. When they do not work together, the paint will crack and curdle and produce what is called “orange peel” effect. Do a patch test before combining brands of paints.

9. Take care of your skin

Getting spray paint on your skin is a bad idea because the solvents in the paint get into your body. The paint is also quite hard to get off. If possible use latex gloves. If you can't do that, use a product called “gloves in a bottle” before painting. It will reduce exposure. When you are done, you can remove the paint by softening it in warm water. Hair conditioner can help do this! Then use a scrubbing sponge to wash it off once the paint is softened. Using more thinner to remove the paint is bad for your health.

10. Keep your nozzles clean for next time!

When you are done using a can, turn it upside down and spray until only air comes out. This will keep it clean. You can also soak solvent based spray paint caps in thinner in a jar then rinse them with water after at least 5 hours of soaking. Water based paint spray caps can be cleaned too. Check out how here:



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