10 Mistakes To Avoid In Your Shop Fit Out To Increase Customer Interactions With Your Brand

If you have a retail shop, or you’re looking to create one, the most important aspect to consider will be the fit out. Most of the time retailers solely focus on their products and service quality and often fails to provide adequate attention to their retail shop fit out. You always find such retailers in wonder where they’re going wrong and why sales numbers are not up to expectations.

As a professional retail shopfitter for quite some time now, there’s one thing that I know for sure, “retail shop fit outs matter a LOT.” Here in this article, I will discuss some of the common mistakes that retailers do quite often while designing their stores. Just try to make sure that you won’t be making such mistakes!

1.    Unable to scrutinize your facility carefully

Over several years, I have seen a lot of retailers who make the core mistake of not examining their services carefully. Don’t be one of them. Regardless of how ideal your store space might seem to be, there can always be hidden problems which you can’t overlook. Some of the things you must look out for includes electrical fixtures and poor air-conditioning fixed inappropriately. I suggest you to seek advice from a professional shopfitting company that specializes in retail shop fit outs. They will surely point out any hidden skeletons in your facility.

2.    Choosing improper lighting

As a matter of fact, lighting is an attractive shopfitting supply. But I have seen many retailers who simply don’t pay enough attention to it. When it comes to retail shop fit outs, it’s significant to pay attention to three primary aspects of lighting – placement, the temperature of light and energy efficiency. A proper shop lighting not only enables your customers to get attracted towards products in your store, but it also subconsciously nudges them towards making a purchase. Never mismatch types and light colors and try to consider color rendition of any lights you group together. Remember, skimping out on lighting costs will never pay off and you must always make sure that your storefront has terrific lighting.

3.    Selecting dull shop ceiling design

When it comes to the décor of your store, it should be contemporary, bright and well-appointed rather than dull, dingy, and out-of-date to entice customers, as they walk in your front door. As we all know, the first impression matters a lot. It either can make or break a business. Just by looking at your store’s décor, your customers, and potential clients can judge a lot that ultimately affect your sales. So, if you want an impressive retail environment to let them know that you are not just focusing on your sales but also about customer satisfaction, then choose from hundreds of shop ceiling designs to convey your message appropriately to your clients.

4.    Irrelevant shop shelving

Shop shelving in UK would make your business more profitable. Many retailers don’t understand what relevant shelving do for their business. So, always give full attention when finalizing shelving. So, if you want an impressive retail environment to let your customers know that you are not just focusing on your sales but also on customer satisfaction, just choose the appropriate shop shelving design so you can quickly convey your message to your clients.

5.    Inappropriate shop counters design

We all understand the importance of counters, but some retailers neglect its design aspects. As a matter of fact, the point of sale or checkout area leaves a deep impression on customers. It also determines whether they will return to your store to make future purchases. So, your shop counter should be spacious enough to handle cash, returns, and storage without being messy. Your store counter must exhibit both style and functionality to impress customers and deal efficiently.

6.    Lacking flexibility

Another common mistake in your shop fit out is to opt a fixed store design. Always remember that buying trends of customer changes with time and you have to plan for this ahead. Flexible retail shop fit outs might need more investment, but it will pay off in the long run. When customer trend changes, you just need a simple redesign to modify store offerings. It will make your life much easier.

7.    A poor signage

Creating a retail premises that possibly create money can be a nerve-racking experience, but an enjoyable one simultaneously. It can turn out to be confusing at times, simply because there are so many things to dwell on. It’s the time when you have the poor shop signage. So, retailers should spend time and energy doing the signage work that will pay dividends sooner or later.

Urging consumers to visit a shop may be somewhat difficult than many people think. There is so much rivalry nowadays that people need to consider what they are going to offer consumers that they cannot get or have already seen somewhere else. Good signage matters a lot! It is in fact time taking and also consume energy and money, but it will pay off over the long haul, so is certainly worth it. Free Logo Generator might be a way out for some as well.

8.    Conflicting shopfitting products

Just ask yourself a question at this point. Do the Shopfitting products conflict? Sometimes retailers don’t understand this concept. It means; is your shopfitting product stand-out? Does it complement your shop’s interior, having clean lines, bright colors that can potentially attract the attention of prospective customers? Does it look innovative and striking? Did it catch your attention while checking other products out? If not, you need to work on that.

9.    Inefficient commercial shop security systems

Nowadays, shopping malls and retail outlets have redefined the cultural strategies and the youth destinations worldwide. Retail stores and supermarts have gained a lot of fame and have almost become Mecca to the troubled youth of this century. But such an attractive and luxurious place is hopping to be the jackpot for criminals, thugs, and shoplifters that are why security is the most critical problem for those locations. Retail security systems have turned out to be a common element in every retail store and mall along with security personnel present ion the mall or the retail outlet.

When it comes to the retail security products, they are inclusive of some things that amount to the whole scenario of a safe and secure environment. They include commercial security service, commercial security alarms, and retail security tags. Retail security services typically offered by security companies that excel in personnel as well as security gadgets.

10.    Hiring unprofessional shopfitter

I’ve seen retailers hiring unprofessional shopfitters to save some money. But just beware it will not pay off in the long run. Hiring a professional Shopfitter to fit out your shop nicely while creating a pleasant environment to be in and paying dividends in return. If you take time, effort and money to make your shop great, people will speak about it. No doubt, word-of-mouth is the most powerful tool of marketing, which is free and highly credible.


As a retailer, you need to aware of all areas of your retail shop fit out. An efficient shop fit out can improve the customer’s shopping experience and will boost sales. Before you jump into designing your fit out, make sure that you avoid these ten common mistakes which most retailers make. 

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