10 Innovative Product Launch Ideas that will Surely Work

Product launch

Your product’s reputation way before its launch will define how it’s going to sell in the long run. How each product looks in a market is directly related to how it was pitched right before the launch. A lot of big corporations understand this and thus spend a lot in order to be sure about it, spend a lot of money to keep people engaged in the pre-launch marketing campaign. This campaign is required to be unique and somehow attractive enough that the product makes the most of its sales on the launch day. 

There are several ideas to do that and we’ll give you 10 that makes the product launches more productive for you. So in order to sell your product, and have a successful launch do:

  • Be people-centric: While presenting your product, forget what features your products have but think how they can affect people since at the end of the day it’s people you have to sell your products to. Let them know how your product can and will change their life. Make sure you emphasize the fact that your product is unique and no other product on the market can achieve the same.
  • Tease the customers: At least a month prior to the product launch, start a teaser campaign. It is much important to understand that this campaign can make a lot of difference in your product sale. People need to know that you’re coming to the market with a new revolutionary product which they will know, with your teaser campaign. 
  • Upload videos: Videos are a great example of spreading information fast and across a lot of people. To make them look impressive, hire a good videographer or a graphic designer who can comfortably work across different video platforms. Make sure the videos have music which engages. Be futuristic and be bold. Every video you pump out should ‘scream’ class.  

  • Engage Influence marketers: Another important factor which can shoot up your popularity and sale in the market would be the influence marketing. Influence marketing is a marketing technique by which you can increase the popularity and visibility of a product by having it promoted from the accounts of those who have a lot of fan following. These influencers can shift the public opinion easily. A study showed that 6% of the users on social media influence the opinion of over 80% total people.

  • Build suspense: Suspense is one of the greatest ways by which you can keep a wide number of the audience engaged in the launch of your product. People always have been curious. We always want to know that which is hidden from us. We won’t shift our attention for a minute if it comes to trying to find out what’s being concealed from us. For the same reason, It is imperative you keep your audience engaged by not showing the actual product until the launch day. No matter how great your product is, keep it hidden. Give outposts stating that your product is coming. Keep everything else hidden.
    In the past, big companies have sued people for releasing in the market the features the corporation has been trying to protect their product. This marketing strategy is taken very seriously.

  • Pre-orders: If you have a loyal fan base and customer base, and have already decided on the cost of the product, you can sell your products on pre-order. Your loyal customers will buy every product you ship out; which depends highly on the performance of your previous product. Pre-orders can generate early profits and a valuable data of it. It also enhances the image of the product in the market.

  • Plan an event: It’s important to give out your product in the grandest way possible. Hold a big event that will attract media attention and make your product launch look like a big deal. People love associating themselves with brands who believe themselves to be big.
  • Hold contests: Contests are a good way to get the word going around. Planning a contest around your product is a good idea too. This is because the contest can have them going out and making them promote your product easily and get rewarded for the same. This requires not a lot of money and is whole lots of fun. 
  • Create buzz: Sending out the positive word to a lot of people is important. A simple mail sent to your loyal customers will make them talk about it a lot. Another thing that will create buzz is giving out promotional giveaways. Giving away free wristbands is another great way to make people talk about it. Wristbands will be able to make a lot of people be aware of your products and that too at a really fast pace.
  • Tell a story: Share stories of how your product brought about a change. Let people know that You have changed lives with your product and your customers will feel it coming too. Make inspiring videos, start campaigns and/or go on the talk show and tell people what makes your product be an important part of your story.

So there you have it, 10 ways which will guarantee a successful product launch and make your product become a bestseller. "

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