10 Farmhouse Decor Ideas

Farmhouse style of homes are all about adding rustic and attractive vibes to your home. And the best way to do so is by adding the right home décor. It is all about warm vibes, laid-back liveliness, and gloominess. So you can also follow the same theme for your home. In this blog, we are going to talk about such 10 farmhouse décor ideas to allow your home to dive into the rustic vibes. Have a look!
Rustic and Collectable for open shelves: If you love the old-school vibes, then this décor idea is perfect for you. Decorate your open shelves with the collectables and rustic elements like dried flowers, old jars, worn books and other such elements.
Weathered-looking furniture
The weathered-looking furniture has the laid-back vibes and makes your space bigger and aged look. Also, they have an amazing charm that will make your home charming and appealing. So choose it in all kind of furniture.
Follow the Dutch Theme
Dutch home décor has the most farmhouse theme and they look quite traditional. You can get the same for your home and the best way to do so is by getting such a door. You can also follow the white colour theme for a better look.
Shiplads on the wall
Shiplads will work as the layer and add texture to the overall room. Also, they will merge well with the other farmhouse décor. You can either get them online or hire the home interior design services for perfection.
Industrial Lighting for perfection
You can get the industrial-style light fixtures for your home as they will give proper farmhouse vibes. You can get them in the metal pendant to wrought-iron chandelier design, so choose as per the size of the room.
Mix and match the elements
The farmhouse décor is all about mix and match design. You can get many different home décor patterns and mix them well. Coordinate them with furniture for the better vibes.
White and neutrals will also work well
If you are getting confused while picking the right farmhouse décor, then simply play with the white and neutral theme. This will help in making the visual impact and make your entire home soothing.
A touch of glamour will work 
You can add the chandelier or get the plants inside your home to make it glamorous. Adding some colours and expensive vibes are always great. A little touch of copper and gold will also work well for you. The rose gold pendant lights will also work well here. I as a designer and a blogger suggest you all to have a rose gold hanging lights for your home interior.
Accessorize your Dishes
If you have pretty dishes to show off, then it’s time to use them as the home décor. Display them in the open shelves and enhance the farmhouse décor theme. It is very easy to do and don’t cost you a lot. The rustic chic way of dishes will be a great idea to go with. All diy elements can be added here like the hanging ropes and all.
Add the inviting fabrics
The farmhouse themes are full of inviting fabrics. So you can also get the same in your home. Choose the simplicity with the medium of the all-cotton bedsheet and soft linen. The throw pillows, blankets, mattress, and curtains with the theme will work well. Use the colour palette such as light greys and the cream shade to create the perfect farmhouse ambience to your home design.
So which farmhouse décor idea you like the most? Do tell us in the comment section.

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