10 DIY Living Room Décor Ideas

living room wall decor ideas

A well-decorated living room is something that we all crave for. The positive energy it exudes when it’s all pretty is worth it. And we are telling you that you don’t even need to buy decorative stuff to make your living room stunning! You can simply check out these 10 DIY living room décor ideas that you and your guests are going to love for sure.

Rack up the books

Take up all the cardboards that you have because they are one of the best things for DIY stuff. Use these cardboards to make amazing hanging bookshelves. Stack multiple of cardboards together so that the shelf is strong and then you can hang them from the ceiling or float them on the walls.

Use up those spare bottles

Take out the most attractive bottles from the stash of your empty wine bottles. Put a few of them together on a table and put flowers in them. These make-out flower vases will give your living room a quirky feel.

Put up the dreamcatchers

Dreamcatchers have become popular décor stuff in recent years. Instead of buying them online, just use some twines, beads, and feathers to make a dreamcatcher on your own. Use colors that fit your living room and put them up on the wall to make the space alluring.

Utilize those old clothes and upholstery

Just take out the sewing machine and scissors and redo your clothes to fit them into your living room. Sew them to put on your cushions or re-fashion that old bed-sheet to put it up on the wall. These tricks will make your living room quirky and lively.

Hanging Pots

Look out in your kitchen for old brass and aluminium utensils. Fill them with soil and use them as indoor plant holders. You can hang them from your ceilings or just put them in a corner to give your living room a rustic feel.

DIY Table lamps

Table lamps add up a lot to the living rooms. Mix them up and use glass bottles or wine bottles as the base of the lamp. To go a little further, use a tripod stand instead of a glass bottle to make it even quirkier.

Frame it up

Frames are one of the best DIY home décor stuff out there. Take out all the spare wooden pieces you have in store and fashion yourself some frames. It’s up to you if you want to use them as photo-frames or mirror-frames. Both would add up a lot to the living room if made right. You would surely love these frames hanging to the walls of your living room. 

Mix up the wall art

Remove all your existing wall art and posters and put them on clipboards instead. Then put up those clipboards on the wall to mix up the things. Set up a theme for your living room and put up the wall art sticking to that theme, like some multiple classic film posters. If you are someone who loves to weave then weaving any object that you like with the help of wool would be a great idea to incorporate.

DIY Pin-up board

Take a large piece of cardboard, cover it up with fancy cute papers and stick it up on the wall. Your pin-up board will be ready. Pin-up a collage of post-card pictures to give it a vintage feel.

Use up cartons and crates

Next time you order something online, don’t throw away those packaging cartons and crates. Cover them up with fancy papers and you can use the thing for multiple purposes.

So, now that you know of so many DIY décor stuff, start creating and make your living room more lively and stunning.

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