10 Creative Monsoon Decor Ideas for Makeover of your Home

Living room decor ideas

Monsoons are one season where more and more people prefer to stay indoors and avoid outdoors. If you want to make your indoor experience completely worth it, then you would need to revamp your house interior design. To that effect, here are some tips you can adopt.

1. Hang wind chimes outside
There is nothing better to complement the lovely monsoons outside than the rhythmic wind chimes. They can give a charming sound, primarily when cool breezes flow out. You can hang wind chimes outside your balcony and the window too. You can opt for bamboo wind chimes which can be put up in the balcony or hang it right outside your house.

2. Keep an artistic stand for umbrellas
Almost everybody has an umbrella with them during monsoons. While umbrellas are our best friend during rains, it is truly a pain to keep them from leaving trails in the house. We can tell close family members to place the umbrellas outside, but you cannot have the same control over other friends and family. Hence, a convenient and beautiful home decor tip is to put an umbrella stand right in the entrance of your house.

3. Add magical blooms all around the place
Nothing spells monsoons like the lovely flowers that grow all around. You can add the same effect to your house by adding shades of pink and purples through the lovely flower options available all around. Place it in a vase and put it as the main decoration piece to welcome monsoons.

4. Try out different dirt trappers
Monsoon is a season where a lot of dirt comes in and scatters all across the house. One important home decor tip is to include door mats and rugs that are plain monsoons friendly. You can put these in the living room and give your room a new look.

5. Add scented candles in your living room
Add fragrance to your entire room by putting scented candles wherever possible. They come in many different colors and fragrances. You can place them in any corner and make it as stylish as you wish. This is one of the best home decor ideas to try.

6. Brighten up your rooms with various lamps
You can add lamps of different colors which complement your house. Monsoons change the entire look of the house. You can include more white lights and also experiment with oranges and greens right outside the patio.

7. Change your bed covers, cushions and pillows
Another great tip to try out in monsoons is to change your bed covers, pillows, and cushions. You can go for more floral prints than normal during this season. Also, add slightly bright colors which add the radiance to the room.

8. Add water-based decorations to complement the monsoons
If you want to make the most of monsoon decorations, then you can go for a reflective waterfall style decoration piece. Even going for a piece that has recycling water will work perfectly with the sounds of monsoons outside. This is also a tip you can include in your house.

9.Replace heavy curtains with sheer fabrics
Since monsoons are quite heavy on the entire look of your house, trying to go minimal with certain elements would prove to be helpful. Instead of going for heavy fabrics and dark colored curtains, you can simply put sheers so that the entire set up looks stunning.

10. Rent outdoor patio furniture
Another affordable tip is to rent outdoor furniture. If you invest in new furniture, then there is a higher risk of it getting completely spoilt. Hence, if you rent out furniture, ensure that it is monsoon friendly. This would ensure that your outdoors look really good and add to the entire monsoon look.

All of the aforementioned tips can be adapted to make your house look even better during monsoons. These home decor ideas are definitely worth trying and to add an edge in the lovely monsoons.

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