Is Your Child Experiencing A Phone Addiction?

phone addiction

These days it is very easy for children to become addicted to the smart mobile devices. These devices can perform a wide range of functions and communication with a large audience can be done in seconds without oral communication. From all perspectives, there are more disadvantages of phone addiction. Many times the parents wonder whom their children are communicating with for long hours. In this article, you will learn how to track and monitor your children’s smartphone usage online.

How to track text messages on your children’s mobile devices?

As a parent, you will feel more comfortable knowing what your children are doing online. It is also essential to explain to your children why you have decided to monitor their interaction online and the benefits of this action.
Addiction to using phones makes it difficult to have access to these devices if you decide to snoop. There will hardly be a time when they leave their phones lying around, and many times, the phones will be locked with passwords. You can gain access to your children’s mobile devices by using modern tracking methods.

Install a text message tracker

A text message app will send you complete details of the messages that are sent and received on your child’s phone. These details include dates, time of receipt or when the messages were sent, as well as the information contained in the message. The phone tracking app is monitored from a control panel installed on your computer.

How to confirm if your children are addicted to their smartphones?

The scientific term used to describe smartphone addiction is nomophobia. It refers to the anxiety that people feel when they do not have access to their phone for a long time. 

The following statistics represent the smartphone usage among teenagers:

78% of teenagers use their smartphones every hour;
72% of teenagers respond to text messages within a few seconds;
44% of teenagers actively use their smartphones during meals;
67% of teenagers check their smartphones without hearing alerts that indicate there is an unread message or notification.

Managing smartphone addiction

We cannot entirely separate our lifestyle from using modern technology, but we can manage its use to prevent excesses that can become a disadvantage. Children who are addicted to using smartphones can be helped by their parents. The following ideas should act as a guide to help you support your children in this situation.

  • Establish and strengthen the friendship bond between you can the child. Be ready to support them whenever your help is needed.
  • Regard your children as adults. Make them realize that they are entirely responsible for their actions; teach them how to control their behavior.
  • Let them know as a parent you have the authority to make and implement rules.
  • If you notice your child withdrawing from the real world with a preference for spending more time online, talk with them; find out if they have any worries and fears. If you can discover the reasons for withdrawal steps should be taken to help, them overcome their fears.
  • Create a family time when everybody in your home switches off their computers and smartphones to enjoy a normal oral interaction. Playing games and telling stories is a great idea to make these occasions exciting.
  • Enforce rules to prevent the use of mobile devices in parts of your home such as the rooms, bathrooms, the kitchen, etc. you can monitor your children better when they use their mobile devices around you. They will also get more sleep time rather than use their mobile devices late into the night.
  • Set the standards. Your children are watching you. If you spend hours using your mobile devices, then it seems like an acceptable habit. Limit your use of smartphones while attempting to interact with your children more.
  • Find out what your children are doing online. If you discover that they are accessing certain improper sites, you can quickly take steps to educate them about the dangers before it is too late.

Becoming addicted to using mobile devices can hinder the social development of the child. This means they can grow up to become adults who cannot properly fit into the society. As the parent, it is your responsibility to help your children avoid this problem by implementing ways to help them control the urge to use their mobile devices frequently.


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