Witness a Boost in your SERP with the Top 5 Latest Content Marketing Strategies 2020!

 Content Marketing Strategies 2020

The aim of SEO is up-front – it requires one to optimise content that comprises well-researched information to ensure that search engines index the content accurately and fetch it as the top 10 search results.

While it sounds easy enough, one specific hurdle that emerges, in this case, is the ever-evolving face of SEO that requires dynamic marketing strategies. And, 2020 was no different. The start of a decade brought with it content marketing strategies 2020 that are a mandate to adhere to in case you are looking ahead to capture the attention of the target audience and the algorithm alike.

Latest Content Marketing Strategies 2020

As is well known that SEO, if done right can drive a conversion rate of 14.6%, here is a glance at some content marketing trends 2020 to make sure that your strategise your SEO approaches, accordingly.

#1 – Look into short-form, vertical videos

As of 2020, vertical and short videos have made it among the top 10 of every content marketing prediction. With an eye of the popularity of such videos, they are bound to gain a foothold in this year’s content marketing strategies 2020.

Inclusion of Millennial and Gen Z and Y in the target audience has made such short-lived videos come into the limelight. From strength to strength across the past decade, into the next decade – not a bad journey at all, what say?

#2 – Go for the trending topics

Creating ephemeral content is one way to get into the popularity of ‘re-share’ stream. However, the chances of reaching out to the targeted audience are boosted in case the brand amalgamates with a trending topic. In this regard, Google Trends is of immense help, considering that it confirms if a keyword is having a boosted volume or a shrinking one.

Professional content writers stay in touch with multiple tools and are hawk-eyed about the train of trends that they can hop onto and hence get into the circle of re-tweets and re-shares – marketing done at the least expenses!

#3 – Rely on User Generated Content

A growing reliance on the online souk is followed by increased awareness about the credibility of a brand and its offered list of merchandise and service. Hence, as a consequence, UGC gets its place in the SEO 2020 content marketing strategies. The

  • Reliability
  • Authority
  • Ingenuity

-of the content genre has potential clients eating out the hands of influencers. While data shows boosted conversion rates owing to UGC, the genres spread to –

  • Testimonial videos
  • Guest blog posts
  • Reposting competition entries
  • Customer reviews
  • User-generated feedbacks nudge the brand’s future content
  • Case studies, etc.

#4 – Draft reactive content

Tapping into trending conversations and topics is a feasible option with access to responsive content. It suggests active participation by brands in public interactions on social media platforms regarding a trending topic.

However, such speedy sign-offs or witty responses would need brands to have access to a pro content writing company dedicated to this. It ensures that a brand stands apart from the maddening crowd, making a suitable stand for itself.

#5 – Design content for podcasts

Podcasts are rapidly gaining popularity at the global platform. However, this is not true only for celebrity-hosted podcasts. Picking up along these trails, one needs to design content that caters to such SEO 2020 content marketing strategies.

These ventures into new genres of content add on to the leverage for a brand, adding on to its boosted brand awareness and identity. Naturally, nobody would want to miss out on this scope to gain a clientele, and hence the prevalent start to podcast-oriented content.

Considering that you cater to such content marketing strategies 2020, your content and brand are surely ready to walk into a new decade with possibilities of capturing the souk and ‘come, see, and conquer’ it!

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