Why You Should Stay Away from Landfills

Landfills you should staw away from

Landfilling is one of the most ancient methods of waste management which is still used very actively all around the globe. Despite being very unfriendly to the environment, landfill sites store enormous amounts of rubbish either under the ground or directly onto it, exposing the atmosphere to very harmful emissions.

This is an inevitable process for the moment no matter how effective the recycling system in your country is. If you are unlucky to be born in a place that is a good destination for importing various kinds of waste from other countries, there is a high possibility to have a landfill nearby your neighborhood any time soon.


The threats from the landfills are countless

Most of the rubbish materials on the landfills are decaying or contain toxic chemicals which emit harmful substances such as dioxin, biphenyls, lead, and other heavy metals. Some of these contaminate the air you breathe and slowly kill you, others soak deep into the soil and turn all groundwater that you drink into a deadly liquid.

Pig at a landfill

According to research studies, people born in highly polluted areas, located nearby landfills have commonly seen birth defects like lower weight (usually about 2.5 kg), reproductive disorders, or even signs of stomach, rectal, or colon cancer. Exposure to chemicals can lead to a decrease in the strength of your immune system that will make you more vulnerable to infections and other diseases.


How you will realize the landfill is killing you

Usually, after you’ve spent some time at a place, irradiated by some sort of rubbish source you’ll eventually have altered physiological processes in your body. Signs of this may be complaints of your health status like harder breathing due to respiratory problems or sickness. This is the time when you have to make the change in order to save your skin. Your best option is to leave the area and stay away from the waste generators.

If you are a newcomer to a highly polluted area, there are certain methods of observation you have to use to make a conclusion if the place is safe for you. First, look at the water sources and consider not consuming any of them if there are signs that they are contaminated. Usually, that would be a change in color or some kind of unnatural smell coming from the liquid. Next, you can explore deeper the local fauna and flora and point out any physical properties that are not commonly seen. Constantly hearing coughs from people around you or seeing individuals who are spitting all over the place are signs of extremely contaminated air which you’ve gotta run away from as soon as possible.

If you are a local resident and there is no other place where you can live, then at least make sure to be at least 3 kilometers away from the dumpsite as it is scientifically proven that the further away you are the lesser the impact of the rubbish pollution is on your health.


What is the best solution to deal with landfill disasters?

Naturally, when there is a problem of any kind, the best solution is to remove the problem. The bad thing is, the number of landfills are is too high. Despite, most of the rubbish items in the junkyard are recyclable, they cannot be ever recycled because that is a process that is too expensive. That’s why most well-developed countries like the USA prefer to export their garbage to India or China which hardly recycle anything. Landfills there are more threatening than the apocalypse due to the amount of hazardous waste at the rubbish piles.

Effective waste management can reduce the amount of rubbish that is generated globally. That way the number of dumping grounds will reduce. In London, rubbish removal services have become very popular and the rubbish removal companies that have the hard task to clear any sort of household waste are adopting some of the most effective strategies to reduce waste pollution. Effective recycling of the collected rubbish, reduction campaigns, and raising awareness about the possibilities of reusing old items are some of the most effective initiatives you can try on your own.

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