Why We Should Go With Reusable Bags

Why Should You Go With Reusable Bags?

Use of resources, reduction of waste and conservation of the environment is no longer an exclusive concern for big corporations. It has come to a point where everyone reconsiders his options and the impact his actions have on the environment. Imagine the kind of change you would achieve by cleaning your house. Now translate that into the entire neighborhood and assume that the six billion inhabitants of the earth each took a similar step. This is the kind of change that comes with choosing an environmentally friendly lifestyle in the form of reusable bags. 

One may think of the campaign as a way for the big corporations to attract funding or remain newsworthy. Is there a justification for using reusable bags? Here are important ideas and thoughts that will enable you to make a decision.

  • Clearing from the environment: plastic bags take years to decompose. Some may take at least fifteen years depending on the material and technology used. For most plastic bags, they require a thousand years to decompose and clear from the environment. Within this time, they cause a lot of damage to the environment that is best avoided.
  • Plastic bags are not biodegradable: The only way they degrade is through photo-degradation, which means exposure to the sun. Unfortunately, breaking down into small pieces turns them into toxic substances in the soil. These particles will flow into water supply systems or among consumables. 
  • Animals protection: animals in their natural environment might not recognize and isolate plastics. These plastics are responsible for the death of countless animals, millions of birds and hundreds of thousands of sea turtles through ingestion. These plastics block the digestive and other body systems of these animals causing their death. Others drown from being entangled. You can stop this by using reusable bags. 
  • Recycling is expensive: it is cheaper to produce a new plastic bag than to recycle. This is why most recycling plants keep away from these bags. The result is that they will be thrown away like the rest of the trash. The damage that results is impossible to fathom. 
  • Cluttering living areas: landfills are not designed to contain plastic bags. When deposited, their weight causes them to fly around and end up in our compounds, roads, recreation parks and other public as well as private spaces. This is why the environment and living spaces end up littered. 
  • Expensive: most plastic bags are used once or twice and then discarded. On average, an ordinary person uses 300-500 plastic bags. Count the number of people you live with. Get to your window and count the people you can see. The number is mind-blowing. That signifies the number of paper bags used in a year. That results in damage to the environment, health, and end of a clean lifestyle. It is time to turn to Reusable Shopping Bags for the sake of humanity and the delicate environment.
  • Damaging production process: plastic bags are produced using petroleum products. The process of production causes a lot of damage to the environment. For instance, US uses over 12 million barrels of oil every year for the production of its plastic bags. The damage to the environment is worse. The process of production leads to cutting down about 14 million trees to produce raw materials for its plastic bags. A single state like California then uses $300 million dollars to clean plastics off its coastal strip. This translates into unjustified cost.
  • Environmental consciousness: the common mentality is that environmental conservation is for big corporations. Even when people know that they should conserve the environment, it is impossible to follow them and ensure that they implement what they have learned. Provision of reusable bags is one way to follow through. You will not have to compel them to conserve the environment. You have already provided the right path for them to unconsciously conserve the environment.

The advantages of using reusable bags do not only lie in reversing the damage done by plastics. On their own, the reusable bags offer incredible benefits. Governments and authorities have provided incentives to encourage people to use the reusable bags. Technology in a production of these bags has also turned them into environmentally friendly carrying options. Here are excellent justifications for you to use reusable bags.

  • Resilient: the material and technology used in the manufacture of these bags ensure that they can carry a lot of stuff. This happens without change of shape or your shopping spilling as you exit the mall. They can carry more items regardless of their weight and not change shape or get damaged, even by pointed items. 
  • Incentives and discounts: in an attempt to compel more people to opt for reusable bags, governments have provided incentives that you can take advantage of. Since their production is subsidized, stores extend the discount to customers. It means you will be spending less on your favorite items. If every trip to the shopping mall costs less, you will have incredible savings by the end of the year. 
  • Efficient: if you walk a few meters to your car carrying shopping with your hands, you will already begin to feel the discomfort on your fingers. You will enjoy carrying the bags over a long distance. This also takes away the worry of your shopping spilling because you are using vulnerable plastic bags.
  • Not required Multiple Bags: the quality of reusable bags means that you can carry a lot of stuff in a single bag. You do not have to buy different bags for each item. This means that you will have fewer bags during your shopping trip and in the house. In fact, you return with the same bag during the next trip. 

The use of shopping bags is an environmental and social consciousness lesson to everyone who sees you. Be proud to teach your neighbors, friends, children and the entire neighborhood the need to conserve the environment. The environment is better without plastics. You will enjoy and feel proud for taking part in keeping the environment and society at large clean and healthy.

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