Why Should You Have a Dashboard Camera

Dashboard cameras or dash cams are small cameras mounted on the dashboard to record video either of the front of the vehicle, or the interior of the car. The camera is powered from the cigarette lighter outlet or it can be hardwired to the battery. Recorded video is stored on a portable SD card and can be downloaded by the driver to a mobile phone or laptop with a USB cable. Dashboard cameras come with different features depending on the model, some of which include battery backup, geo location that records the vehicle’s location, wide angle view, wireless transmission, night vision and motion detection. Police vehicles have used dashboard cameras for many years to record traffic stops and these devices are now finding widespread adoption among ordinary motorists. Read on to know why you should use a dashboard camera.

Get Video Evidence in Case of an Accident

Getting in an accident is the last thing that any motorist wants when he sets out on a drive. However, it is a fact that roads have gotten unsafe with a rising number of vehicles hitting the road each year. If you get involved in an accident or see one happen in front of you, it can be difficult getting an eyewitness to support your version of events, especially if the accident happens at night on a deserted road. The dashboard camera is your silent companion as the video footage it captures may prove conclusive in case you have to get legal help. Video Records Help with Insurance Claims and Traffic Violations

Insurance companies may sometimes dispute accident claims on the basis of unclear evidence or by alleging driver impairment because of alcohol. Video footage can help the driver back up his claim and ensure a patient hearing from the insurer. If the insurer still rejects your accident claim, your video footage could be useful if you present your case before higher authorities. In the future, insurance companies may offer discounts to motorists who install dash cams.

It also acts as a reverse camera, so you can spot other vehicles, pedestrians and various other obstructions whenever you back up.

If you find yourself stopped by a traffic policeman for speeding or light jumping while driving and you feel he is being unfair to you, you could offer to show your video footage to him before he writes you a ticket. If the policeman is convinced of your innocence, you could get yourself out of a hefty fine.

Protect Yourself from Fraud

Countries like Russia have seen large adoption of dashboard cameras because of scamsters. The scam goes like this, a pedestrian falls on to your car while it approaches a traffic light or on a busy street and claim they have been injured even if there is no wrong doing on the driver’s part. The man and his accomplices then extort money from the driver to treat the “victim’s” injuries. Having a dashboard camera makes sure you have a video record that you can present to the police if you ever fall prey to such schemes.

Record Your Long Journeys

You can get a fine video record of your long trips in the car with dashboard cameras. While driving, you don’t have to stop and take out your camera if you see something interesting on the road, as your trusty dashboard camera captures it for you.

Your Quirky Video Might Go Viral!

A meteor strike in Russia, a near collision in Korea and a would-be scamster trying hard to be hot by a car all became huge viral hits online last year because of dashboard cameras capturing the captivating events. You too could become the owner of the next viral video hit if you manage to capture something interesting on your dashboard camera.

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