Why to opt for study in Canada?

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Canada has emerged as a popular study destination over the last few years. There’s no surprise that this country has been getting students from all over the world now. This country despite the low tuition fees makes sure that the quality of its education does not suffer. The inflation rate is also low in this country. So, it’s not tough for students to maintain certain living standards while they are a part of this country. As a result, almost 1, 80,000 students visit this country every year to study in Canada. The international students can also make use of their educational qualifications and decide to stay in this country after gaining them.

You see that the students with Canadian education don’t need any educational credential assessment for permanent residency in Canada which is mandatory for those who have gained education outside this country. If we discuss the Canadian point structure in detail, anybody who has gained education outside this country needs to get his education assessed by Canadian authorities which are known as Educational credential assessment (ECA).

Any international student can, however, expect to gain permanent residency in this country in a very low time duration of almost 1 and a half year to 18 months after completing the degree.


The post graduate work permit program is available to all those students who have completed their graduation from an authorized post-secondary institution in Canada. Such a work permit has a maximum issuance period of 3 years and its length cannot be more than that of the study program of the student. However, the minimum duration of a student’s study program should not be more than 8 months. This work permit is an excellent option for those students who opted to study in Canada and then want to live there.

The strategy of Canada’s international education is to make sure that the number of international students in this country doubles and enhances to 4, 50,000 by the year 2022. Since the country plans to retain international students after their graduation/post graduation, it plans to provide them with work opportunities along with studying. It's important that prior to your arrival in Canada, you register yourself with your local consulate in Canada. It's also necessary to get in touch with your university in Canada to have a clear idea about the documentation required there.

To work study in Canada simultaneously, you should know that Canadian work permits will only be available to those students who have enrolled them for a full time course in a Canadian university. All study visa holders should know that they must have an enrollment in a respective educational institution upon their arrival in Canada.The maximum time for work which is allowed in this country per week for international students is 20 hours.

The international institutions are also now required to report to CIC(Citizenship and Immigration Canada) all their enrolment statistics.

A survey conducted by the United States has discovered that Canada is the best place for residence in the world. The rankings in the survey are conducted making use of almost 200 indicators for performance. The various indicators which favored Canada as a top ranking educational destination are its long life expectancy, great availability of education, and lack of crime almost.

There are also steps which are undertaken to ensure that there is adequate safety on campus for students. Many universities have hired on campus security staff for students, which is available throughout the day. You can hire a work-study in Canada consultant to get complete advice for your education in Canada. They will file your application procedure in different universities to this nation.


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