What Type of Driver Are You?

driver view from the windshield

We all have our driving habits and attitudes on the road but some people are more predictable or destructive than others. Each of these driving personality types exhibits very different characteristics, strengths or weakness on the road. If you want to find out what type of driver category you fall under, read the following descriptions and see for yourself. Who knows… you might be surprised! 

UniglassPlus/Ziebart compiled a list of driver behaviour traits narrowing it down to four driver types. These examples might just make you reassess certain situations on the road from now on! 

Read, laugh and enjoy!


The Uneasy Rider

The Uneasy Rider is generally unsure of their driving skills and is normally stressed out behind the wheel. They will probably be the one driving with their hands glued at 10 and 2, leaning forward as if they wanted to stick their nose to the windshield to for a clearer view.

Like the Safety Enforcer, they will respect the Highway Safety Code scrupulously (when they don’t miss a stop sign because they are too focused on observing the car behind them through the rear-view mirror because they are too close for comfort).

They generally take great care of their car, from annual rustproofing to auto glass or windshield repair for the smallest stone-chip.

Their eyes are always panic-stricken when behind the wheel, frantically glancing from mirror to mirror as if they were passing their driving exam all over again. They will avoid parallel parking at all costs and driving in big cities or taking a new route is terrifying for them. Needless to say, they will most likely need a good 10 minutes to park even if the passengers help them clear a tight parking spot.

Caution: be gentle while riding with this sensitive soul. If stress doesn’t kill them, your impatience will probably make them regret offering you a ride. A good match for them is the Safety Enforcer.



The Fast Blast

The Fast Blast does everything at a hundred miles an hour, on a tight schedule and at the last minute for the most part. They’re always in a hurry and thrive on the adrenaline rush that speed gives them. They are very impulsive and sometimes reckless leaving you feel very anxious if you are their passenger. Don’t be taken by surprise if you hear a roaring engine at night on a small country road and spot a flash of light going full speed for no reason, it’s probably a Fast Blast having a joy ride.

If one thing is for certain, it’s that they know how to have fun. It’s a dangerous kind of amusement though since high speed and manoeuvrability are rarely compatible.

Caution: if you get in the car with a Fast Blast, buckle up, clench your teeth and hold on tight. If you’re a Safety Enforcer, avoid hitching a ride with a Speedster as it may result in you having a heart attack!


The Mean Machine

“ %$&*?$/! For the love of God will you go faster, this is the highway!”

This one means business and will often become agitated and borderline aggressive if things don’t move fast enough or don’t go their way on the road. God forbid they get stuck in bumper to bumper traffic.

The Mean Machine will not hesitate to give you the middle finger when passing you if you took a little longer to start moving when the light turned green. They use the cab interior as a sound box for an innovative name-calling session and often seeks confirmation for their erratic behavior from their fellow passengers “Oh my God did you just see that!? Un-be-lie-va-ble, that one shouldn’t be allowed on the roads, am I right?”

The Mean Machine’s reactivity and volcanic temper in the car often causes them to make rather reckless driving decisions in order to prove a point, or “teach someone a lesson”. They seem to think they are the best drivers and strongly believe others such as the Safety Enforcer have poor driving skills because they are overly cautious. People often sarcastically refer to them as “kings of the road”.

Caution: does not do well with a Safety Enforcer passenger. They also tend to become a Fast Blast in particularly annoying situations.



The Safety Enforcer

This one is a law obeying citizen that will not start the engine until you have securely fastened your seatbelt. They follow the Highway Safety Code by the book and most likely take half an hour to make a passing manoeuvre. This person will never intentionally cut you off and will always courteously waive ‘thank you’ when you let them pass.

These driver types are safety advocates and will not let you get away with the tiniest crack on your auto glass: “You should get that fixed it will cost you a full windshield replacement!”, “Don’t follow so close behind!” and “No need to get there so fast if we don’t get there alive” are most likely their preferred sayings when they are sitting in the passenger seat. They do not believe in rushing and always drive within the speed limit.

This driving personality type will always maintain their vehicle with regular oil changes and annual rust protection treatments.

Caution: may drive a Fast Blast passenger completely crazy, but makes an Uneasy Rider feel safe and secure.

Although some personalities seem like they are a match made in heaven, some react more reckless than others. For example, the Mean Machine and the Speedster can have a lot of fun together but make a rather reckless combination.

For their sake, it’s probably best for them to ride with a Safety Enforcer or even an Uneasy Rider that will hope to even out the playing field.


Keep your car in tip-top shape from windshield replacement to rustproofing

Since you can’t change your driving personality, at least keep your car in the best shape possible. Make your appointments and keep your regular maintenance up to date so whether you are a Fast Blast, a Safety Enforcer or a Mean-machine, your car is always running smoothly and looking sharp
Better safe than sorry.

Good luck with your next road trip!


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